Responsibilities of Blue Prism Developer

RPA is considered as the future of automation. Blue Prism leverages the software capability for Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AL). There is a massive demand for Blue Prism developers. So if you are interested to learn Blue Prism reach out at Blue Prism Training in Chennai. In this blog, you will learn the responsibilities of Blue Prism developer along with other aspects.


Define Blue Prism?


Blue Prism is the game-changing software primarily used for administrative work. These help to follow some set of rules to make the overall process faster as without much intervention. 


Blue Prism Developer at Senior Level


  1. Capable to solve complex challenges

  2. Creating and maintaining

  3. Need to communicate with the support team on improvements and software related issues

  4. Need to monitor the working process daily

  5. Developing new RPA solutions for better results


Blue Prism Developer with less than 2 years of experience


  1. Good understanding of business requirements

  2. Ability to solve the issue quickly

  3. Ability to deliver the data within an estimated duration

  4. Identifying the gaps

  5. Fixing bugs during SIT and UAT

  6. Need to participate in the peer-review process

  7. Actively participating in the QA verification phase

  8. Need to follow the best practices for new releases, reviews and code development

  9. Participating in solution design

  10. Working with operational teams effectively


What is the average salary for Blue Prism Developer?


The salary varies based on the role. According to a recent survey, salary varies from an average of $92, 679 which ranges from $75, 736. Learn more about this tool via Blue Prism Training Institute in Chennai with real-time scenarios.


How does certification helps you?


Blue Prism Certification helps you to grow as a professional. Let’s have a look at the benefits.


Organizations are always hiring technical people who have sufficient skills to handle any challenges in RPA. There is no doubt that a certified developer can get the first preference. Below skills are mandatory to work in this field.


  1. Administrative skills like understanding the user roles

  2. Need to be an expert in Java Access Bridge

  3. One should have excellent skills in Microsoft Office tools especially in Macro, Excel and other general office applications.


Aim high, Fly high


Equip your skills in Blue Prism tool with the guidance of Blue Prism Training Chennai. Highly skilled people teach you everything in a short duration.

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