Replace Your Missing Teeth with Dental Implants


If you have recently lost your teeth due to a dental disease or trauma, don’t worry. There are several options to replace your missing teeth and restore your smile. You are not the one who has lost their teeth. If you have knocked out your teeth, you are not alone. More than five million teeth are knocked out every year in both children and adult due to various reasons. If you act immediately, you could save the tooth and it can be replanted. However, not everyone who had their tooth knocked out can successfully replant it. Fortunately, there are tooth replacement options that can help restore your smile.

A missing tooth can cause a lot of dental issues. This is why dental professionals insist patients replacing their missing teeth as early as possible. Advances in prosthetic dentistry have made it possible to fill the gap with bridges and dental implants that are more functional and attractive. However, dental implants are considered to be as the best solution for the missing teeth as they have high success rate and long-lasting.

What are implants?

The cheap dental implants Sydney are artificial tooth roots that are inserted into the jawbone. It is the only replacement option that replaces both the root and crown part of a missing tooth. As it is inserted into the jawbone, it fuses with the bone and forms a sturdy foundation to hold the replacement teeth. Once the implant is inserted, it naturally fuses with the jawbone through the process called osseointegration. As it is made of biocompatible material it fuses naturally and doesn’t cause any problem.

Bone density is the major factors that help to determine whether or not you could receive dental implants Sydney. You must have enough bones in your jaw to receive dental implants. However, if you don’t have required bone density, it can be reconstructed through a procedure called Bone grafting. The bone grafting procedure is one of the factors that affect the dental implants cost Sydney. Thanks to the bone grafting procedure which allows reconstructing the bone and enhancing the bone density.

Unlike dentures, dental implants help preserve the jawbone as they act as the root of the replacement teeth. It is not the case with dentures as they reduce the bone density and leads to several issues.

When compared to other teeth replacement options, dental implants are a better option. With less maintenance, dental implants can last a lifetime.

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