Rebuild Your Life After an Acid Attack with the Best Dermatologist in Madurai

Acid attacks typically involve throwing acid or a similar corrosive substance deliberately over a person with the intention to disfigure and cause serious harm. Statistics of acid attack cases in India show that the crime is on the rise. Did you know India’s Supreme Court has announced a raft of orders to regulate the sale of acid in an attempt to curb attacks on women? There are about 1,000 acid attacks in India each year. Until recently, there was no separate legislation for such incidents, and data was not collated. But, the gang rape of a student in New Delhi in December prompted the government to look at strengthening laws on violence against women. It resulted in an amendment to the penal code that made acid attacks a standalone offence. The court set a minimum 10-year prison sentence and a maximum of life for perpetrators. Most acid attack survivors are poor, and their families struggle to pay for medical care. Are you one among them? Then choose the best dermatologist in Madurai who specialist in plastic surgery!

First Aid for Acid Attack

Usually, the acid attacks happen in public spaces where the aim is to inflict disfigurement as quickly as possible. For this reason many victims will often have serious / life changing injuries to their face, eyes and neck. Look out for anyone in a public space who has visible burn to their face and is in extreme pain. They may well of been victim to an acid attack and will need urgent first aid treatment.

The basic first aid knowledge can go a long way in helping an acid attack victim which can help minimize damage. The basic principle of treatment is water, water and more water. Water will help dilute the corrosive properties of acid and neutralize its effects. Early first aid should be centered on sourcing water from local shops, bystanders or even water features. Pour running water over the casualty for anywhere between 10-20 minutes. Instead of water, you can use milk to avoid spending.

It is advisable to call the emergency services from the best hospital in Madurai when:

1. Severe damage to eyes

2. Showing signs of shock

3. The casualty is experiencing breathing difficulties

In other less serious instances seek medical attention immediately after water treatment by seeking the help of multispecialty hospital in Madurai.

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