Reasons why you should be driving the Audi Q5!


If you want a smart car now more than ever, the new Audi Q5 is one such ride. This luxury car is made exceptionally well, delivering memorable driving experiences at all times. This model is known for its design and elaborate mechanical composition. It is gaining popularity among modern customers for its high-end amenities. Here we have listed a few reasons why you should check out the Audi Q5 the next time you wanted to buy a car.

Quattro has gone ultra:

The all-wheel driving system on the new Audi Q5 can drive the front or all four wheels. The Quattro Ultra uses an electromechanical clutch and a dog clutch to disengage the rear drive shafts completely and to reduce the frictional losses to most nothing.

There is no Centre diff. which means the Quattro ultra-equipped cars are more efficient than those using a torque-sensing system. The software it links for analysing the group condition is incredibly sensitive, comparing the different factors to see how much grip is there actually before any slip occurs. More data streams make it faster and accurate to respond.

Amazingly Refined:

There are a few main reasons why people are selling hot cars with running costs at the top of the list. The Q5 is comfortable every day rather than just the Sunday morning blaster, but it is more refined and quieter than ever. The fact that comes despite 20-inch wheels and diesel power means that Audi can build cars with qualities that can break the expectations for the class. SUV’s are not supposed to be this easy to enjoy.

Awesome Air Suspension:

Obviously, the steel springs are fine. However, air suspension is way cooler. The Audi Q5 will sit on steelies with a minor amount of tunability via the select drive module. This means it is a compromise – too low to be capable off-road and too high to be ideal for stability.

Ticking the Active Air Suspension option, it gives you a massive 60 mm worth of play in the springs. For high-speed cruising and twisty roads, the lowest setting is the best. On the other hand, the highest is meant explicitly for low-speed clearance over rocks and the like. It adjusts in seconds, which you can see it working by watching the bottom of the windows. The other benefit of Audi Q5 deals, besides being cool? It self-levels no matter how you load it up and what you tow.

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