Reasons Why You Need to Buy BMW X1

BMW is one of the luxurious cars you can buy in the market. It provides various features over other car brands that offer convenience and you feel comfortable with it. The new BMW X1 is one of the latest BMW models that provide various advantages over the older models. Here, we have mentioned a few reasons to choose the BMW X1.

Big boot

The load bay of BMW X1 is square with wide opening. Compared to a Mercedes GLA and an Audi Q3, you can feel more comfortable with BMW X1 and it can fit you more inside. As the BMW X1 series get an electrical tailgate, you can open or close the boot just at the press of a button.

Quality cabin

High quality materials are used to build the interior of the X1. So it provides a very pleasant place to be seated. When speaking about BMW, the even the entry-level models provide classy feel with the use of plenty of metal trim and chromes.


In the BMW X1, high quality satellite navigation system and infotainment is included. This has become one of the perfect systems for the business with impressive graphics and intuitive menus.

Five-star safety

Every model of BMW comes with airbags at the head, front and the side. So it has got five-star rating for safety measures. It also contains remote central locking, an immobilizer and an alarm for security purpose.

Standard equipment

The BMW X1 series contains satellite navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, rear parking sensors, 17in alloy wheels, and dual-zone climate control. This makes the car more convenient to use and drive. So no one can give any reason to avoid buying them.

Seating flexibility

The BMW X1 provides flexibility in seating. You can recline, slide, fold and split the rear seats to make it convenient for you. It also create a large flat load space for bulky items or provides prioritise leg room with multitude of ways. With BMW X1, you can create more space even by folding the front passenger seat. Now, The Car Buying Agency has come up with new BMW X1 offers. You can consider buying new BMW X1 in offer prices.

Wide range of engines

The BMW X1 series contains different engines options to choose from. One of the most favourite options is the 18d diesel. It gives you plenty of pull from low revs, and it’s by far the most frugal option available.

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