Reasons Why Vacation Rentals Are Better Than Hotels

In the past few years the holiday rental market has skyrocketed and shows no signs of slowing down. Travel is on the rise, as well as an increase in better quality and homelike holidays. People book longer trips, spend more money and travel further to find the perfect destination for them. Here, we have mentioned the reasons why vacation rentals are better than hotels.

Value for Money

Foremost, apartments and villas tend to propose a great significance for money, particularly if you’re traveling as a couple or as a community, and particularly if you’re not in line with the model family. Choosing a perfect self-contained apartment helps costs from blowing out, as you can buy and store your own food supplies and prepare your own meals, thus saving you money on dining out.

Understanding the Local Culture

Many who choose to live in a vacation villa or Esperance holiday rentals often find it helps them to have a deeper understanding of the local culture and way of living. After all, you may well be fortunate enough to meet and get to know your neighbors while living in a holiday rental, and you will definitely find plenty of chances to practice your language skills and learn the local culture in the shops. It’s an experience you’d probably not be able to enjoy in a hotel like that.

Relaxation Space

Self-catering choices mean that your little one will get trapped in bed when you’re sitting in the living rooms, on the patio or even in your own private garden. Yet even though your kids are teens, it’s equally important to have the extra room where the entire family can relax. And, because it’s your own room, you don’t have to worry about any of the other hotel guests being bothered by your children either. What’s more, if you’re lucky enough to have a luxury accommodation in Esperance with a swimming pool, you can even do it all on your own.


When you have members with special dietary requirements in the party, then opting for self-contained apartment would definitely give you much more versatility at meal times. Those with young children can stock up at the store on nutritious treats and those with family fussy eaters can relax in the knowledge that you can whip up some easy meals for them in your own kitchen. It is typically a lot more relaxing option than eating in the dining room at the hotel, particularly if you have kids who need to be entertained!

Set Your Holiday Timetable

Opting for a vacation villa means you can bask in the knowledge that breakfast will always be on hand after a late start if you fancy a sleep in. Or ensuring room service does not call at the door to make up your bed. So if you want to lie in bed until late in the morning and have lunch in the afternoon, you can. And if you want to stay out late and enjoy the local culture, in the knowledge that you are not going to bother other guests, you can arrive back stress-free.

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