Reasons Why Sigrist Aquascat is a Popular Option Today

The AquaScat is the latest generation from Sigrist for the measurement of turbidity at 90o as per ISO7027. It is the In-line turbidity measurement for water treatment. Sigrist AquaScat provides easy integration into your control system. It is essential in industries such as the pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, food and dairy industry, and beverage. With Sigrist Aquascat, you can select 8 pre-defined measuring ranges to match the 4-20mA output or customise your own

Reasons to Use Sigrist Aquascat

Reason 1: Intelligent Control System

1. Micro-SD-card for data storage and software update

2. Values, alarm- and status messages can be presented

3. Control unit with touch screen technology and colour display

Reason 2: Maintenance

1. Eliminates coatings of organic and inorganic material

2. Long calibration cycles

3. No chemical additives are necessary

4. No manual cleaning is necessary

5. The cleaning interval can be chosen freely and is at least 24 hours

6. Sigrist turbidity meter sensor is equipped with the automatic sensor cleaning function

Reason 3: Flow Regulator

1. Precise measurement during long periods of time

2. Stable water flow is most critical for the potentiostats measurement of disinfectants. The flow regulator guarantees Minimum required flow stability.

Sigrist Aquascat Applications

1. Yeast dosing

2. Determination of solids concentration

3. Monitoring of filter performance and filter breakthrough

4. Supervision of centrifuges, separators, whirlpools

5. Turbidity measurement and monitoring in beverages such as beer, fruit juices, etc.

6. Process water in various industries

7. Food production

8. Treatment of drinking water

9. Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2)Industries

10. Ozone (O3)

11. Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2)

12. Free Chlorine (HClO, hydrochloric acid)

13. Potentiostatic measurement of one of the following parameters

Features of the Sigrist AquaScat

1. Optional Wall Mounting unit for ease of installation

2. Simple installation and no need for regular maintenance

3. An internal data logger stores 32 days of data onto a microSD card

4. No maintenance, precise LED light source at 880nm

5. Convenient and simple operator control and monitoring via touch screen

6. Secondary solid optical calibration checking unit. (Calibration is fully automatic in the AquaScat WTMA version)

7. Resolution of 0.1 NTU for the HT (manual calibration) High Turbidity version

8. Resolution of 0.001 NTU for the WTM (manual calibration) or WTMA (automatic calibration)

Final Wrap

Turbidity in all available Aqua Scat variations, pH, conductivity, redox / ORP, dissolved oxygen, temperature: Freely selected and combined parameters. The turbidity instrument is a compact measuring system for a multitude of parameters. Are you looking for the best turbidity instrument for your industry? Purchasing Sigrist Aquascat at PRODETEC PTY LTD is the ideal option!

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