Reasons Why Artificial Turf is Pet-Friendly

Grass can be safely enjoyed by every member of your family, even four-legged ones! Yes, this couple with the fact that it is easy to maintain, no staining, odours or digging. In fact, artificial grass installation Sydney is completely safe for you and your pet.

Of course, you are concerned about artificial grass installation cost Sydney as it is a significant investment. So, it is it’s understandable you’re concerned about whether or not your pets will get on with it. Besides, you may be worried your new lawn will get stained, start to smell, or that your pets will try to eat it. But, artificial grass installers believe that all of these fears are completely unfounded.

Here are a few valuable reasons why artificial grass is safe for your pet:-

Your pet won’t try to dig

One of the major reasons why pet try to dig your real grass is because of the mud. Pets, be it dog or cat, love to play with mud and that is they tend to dig the mud in your lawn. With artificial turf, there is no mud involved. So, dogs and cats are less likely to try and dig or pick it up. Since it is made of plastic, it has completely different properties to real grass, and serves as a deterrent to stop pets from ruining it. Even the most unruly dogs never had any problems with artificial turf.

However, if you concerned more about it, you could take extra measures like galvanised steel pins and a timber border where you can nail the grass edge to so that your pet would not be able to dip up the edges or hurt themselves on the nails.


Synthetic turf is designed to withstand heavy foot traffic, and its strength is tested to exceed Australian standards. So, the blades of grass cannot be pulled out. Your dog or cat won’t eat or try to destroy the artificial lawn. A good quality turf can last on average around 10-20 years if maintained well. Aside durability, there are a range of look and styles which you can choose from to suit your needs and budget.

Easy to clean

When it comes to pet droppings, artificial grass is easy to clean. You just have to scoop them up as would do on real grass and then wash the grass. Hosing down your pet’s favourite spot will help to eliminate any residual odour.


Most of the pets can’t resist the urge to lick or chew an artificial grass, especially a newly installed one. Like babies they tend to explore everything. Since artificial turf is non-toxic, it is safer for pets than chemically treated natural grass.

Artificial turf is 100% safe for your pets. So, why not consider installing artificial lawn in your home. Call the artificial grass installers Sydney today.

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