Reasons to Visit Hans’s Place Tavern for a Date Night

Did you know recent studies have revealed that regular date nights are crucial for any relationship? Date night is always a lovely affair, and Tacoma has got a full line of bars and restaurants that are great for a date. Hans’s Place Tavern in Tacoma is a great place to take your girl for a date night. With entries ranging from oysters to fried chicken in Tacoma, they have got everything for you and your girl to have a chat over dinner. Here we’ve listed a few reasons why choosing date night in Hans’s Place Tavern is the best choice.

A Well-rounded Menu

The menu at Hans’s Place Tavern is well-rounded and has an extensive range of the finest foods varieties, including seafood, hamburgers, cheese sticks, chicken wings, fried chicken, and more. Every order is made fresh and served immediately, and they won’t cook food in advance. When it comes to delicious tastes and mouthwatering smells, they don’t take any shortcuts. They use local and fresh produce to make their finest foods, and this quality makes Hans’s Place Tavern in Tacoma, your favorite date night eatery.


Whether it’s your first date or tenth, the ambiance of the tavern can make or break a date night. Hans’s Place Tavern can be the perfect choice to get to know someone over drinks. If the date is going well, you can order tacos or fried chicken to let the evening fly by. This Oyster bar in Tacoma is a great setting for your date night, and it closes at 2 AM, so there is no rush to part ways. This tavern has become the neighborhood spot for warm hospitality, a cold brew, and a hearty meal, and has a perfect ambiance for a romantic evening too. This is a fabulous place to sit, relax, and have a hearty conversation that strengthens your relationship.

Drink Specials

The Oyster bar in Tacoma is famous for the drinks they serve and their drink specials. It can make a cozy nest for any night you are in the mood for love and cocktails. The fantabulous lighting, fancy cocktails, and the finest food at Hans’s Place Tavern set the right tone for your date night. Their drink options are plentiful, and the bartenders are friendly. Their happy hour special starts from 4 PM and ends at 6 PM. The vibe at the tavern is friendly, and it’s also nice enough to feel like a night out.

The author of this article is associated with a leading tavern in Tacoma and has over a decade of experience in the industry. In this article, he lists the reasons why Hans’s Place Tavern is a better place to schedule your date night. Visit for more information.

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