Reasons to switch to a Raw Food Diet for Dogs!

Pets are a part of the Australian way of life. Almost two-thirds of Australian households have at least one pet. Yes, more than 62% of us own a pet, and of these, 38% are dogs! You certainly love your canine companion and feeding him the highest quality diet is top on your priority list for caring for him. The diet you give him is one of the most crucial steps to promote long healthy life. However, with so many pet food choices, we know it is challenging for you to decide on the best dog food for your furry companion. Why not try dog raw diet meal plan?

Raw food truly is the most species-appropriate diet for dogs. It supplies a complete and the most natural form of nutrition, compared to even the highest quality canned and kibble foods we usually buy. Did you know, almost 16% of dog owners in Australia feed their pet a raw diet? Not convinced? Are you wondering what all the hype is about? Continue reading to find the amazing benefits of raw dog food.

Bioavailability of Raw Ingredients:

Bioavailability is how digestible and utilisable the nutrients in the feed are for your pet’s body. In dog food manufacturing, when the ingredients are exposed to high temperatures, the essential nutrients in it are denatured, thus making them less biologically available. That means they have fewer nutrients after processing. The heat, while processing, can alter the composition of amino acids, fatty acids, and other enzymes required to support many functions in your dog’s body.

The dog’s digestive system is designed to break down minimally processed or raw food. These carnivores can do really well on a raw diet compared to the kibbles. By ordering raw dog food bulk and feeding him regularly, you can make sure that your dog receives optimal nutrition; you can also see an increase in muscle mass, reduction of fat and supporting a leaner and healthier physique. In fact advocates for raw dog food online claim to see healthier skin, smaller stools, shinier coats, higher energy levels, cleaner teeth and better breath in their four-legged friends

Moisture and Renal Function:

Every one of us knows that water is important for our pet. However, you might not realise that kibble and other dry foods for dogs can actually leave your dog dehydrated. Dehydration can reduce digestive function, and even lead to chronic urinary tract problems like crystals and infection.

On the other hand, the moisture content in raw animal protein aids in flushing out the toxins through the urinary tract. This, in turn, minimises the risk of stress on the kidneys and prevent possible kidney diseases.

The ancestral diet or raw dog food diet has so many benefits, why not make a switch to raw Australian homemade dog food recipes from today?

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