Reasons to own the all-new Honda HR-V!

Introduced to the public back in 2016, it’s been three years since the Honda HR-V first gazed the roads of Australia. From then, the Japanese brand’s smallest SUV has seen some major facelifts. Honda has never failed to amaze us, and now, according to the Japanese car-maker, the new HR-V is becoming the world’s most popular small SUV. That’s exactly why Honda is one of Australia’s top-seller.

What’s New for 2020?

There seem to be no big changes from the 2019 model line-up. The 2019 model was given a revamped rear and front fascia, making the 2020 model look more contemporary. The 2019 model was also equipped with the standard Honda Sensing technology, Sport trims and Touring, and a new infotainment system that made Apple CarPlay and Android Auto a standard feature as well.

Top 10 Reasons to buy the new Honda HR-V:

Solid Steering:

The steering in the new Honda HR-V feels precise and refined. The steering wheel is given the right amount of weight so that it is easy to turn the vehicle even through the most difficult turns. It also makes passing other vehicles in the road feel like a breeze. This small SUV makes it easy to get into tight parking spaces. Moreover, there are tons of positive feedbacks for the wheel, as it ensures the driver’s confidence.

A Well-tuned Suspension:

Thanks to its well-tuned suspension, the new Honda HR-V displays exceptional handling capabilities. Of course, the solid steering lends to this as well. Altogether, this system helps the new Honda HR-V wind through all kinds of twists and turns. It’s fun to drive down the country roads, and the extra ground clearance is a bonus. The stability control and traction kick right in as required.

A Lot of driving comfort:

The 2020 new Honda HR-V offers a lot of driving comfort. The wheels are sized just right to take up a lot of the small bumps that people would come across while driving on the suburban as well as city roads. The suspension takes up the larger bumps down the road and smooths it out quite efficiently. Simply put, a smooth ride guaranteed!

An Effective Climate Control System:

The climate control system in the new Honda HR-V works really well at pumping out air. Air flows through the entire cabin and quickly gets to your preferred temperature. Also, there are two heating levels you can switch between.

Ample space in the rear:

In the rear, the passengers will find themselves getting cosy as there is ample space back there. There is an abundance of head, shoulder, hip, and leg space in the rear of the cabin. Adults, even people with extra-long legs, can kick back and relax. Also, if you want to accommodate three children back there, you can simply do so without them bumping shoulders.

Thus 2020 Honda HR-V is, for the most part, a vehicle that performs so well. Contact the best dealers around for Honda HR-V special offers and drive home your dream car!

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