Reasons to look for Honda CR-V special offers now!

Just when we thought Honda cannot outdo themselves they have gone and done it. Well this time, it’s the new Honda CR-V. If you are wondering what’s in the new Honda CR-V that makes it such an excellent purchase, well, there are a few things. Yet, the first and the best of all is the fact that the 1.5-Litre turbocharged engine is now standard across the line-up. It is indeed a brilliant move on Honda’s part to do this as people who own slightly older models love this engine.

The 2020 new Honda CR-V:

Evidently, the biggest change for the new Honda CR-V is the standardisation of the 1.5-Litre turbo engine across the whole line-up. It was the most needed change because the old 2.4-L 4-cylinder that only provided 184 horsepower and 180-pound feet of horsepower torque was not a crowd-pleaser.

Reasons to look for Honda CR-V special offers now!

The Turbocharged 1.5-L Engine Now Comes Standard:

As discussed above, the old 2.4-Litre engine had to go. It was actually the standard engine on the base LX trim level; however, the rest got the 1.5-Litre turbocharged engine. Now the Turbocharged 1.5-L Engine Now Comes Standard across the lineup.

A spacious Cabin:

One of the biggest selling points for the new Honda CR-V is its massive cabin space. When it comes to rear seating space, you can’t find anything bigger than this within the segment. Every inch of the space is designed smartly to enhance the overall effect.

Ample Cargo Space:

Talking about roominess, the 2020 new Honda CR-V has large cargo space. There is 39.2 cu ft. of cargo space with all the seats left in place. If you need more space, you can fold the back seats down, and you will get an astounding 75.8 cu ft. This makes for one of the largest cargo areas in the segment. Moreover, the cargo floor is height adjustable, and the back seats fold easily, this allows you to create more space whenever needed. It is smartly designed and is super useful when you have some bulky items to load.

A Comfortable Ride:

One more plus in the new Honda CR-V is that its ride quality is very comfy. Drive it over any road surface, and you will hardly feel any imperfections of the road make their way into the cabin. All you will probably feel is the initial bump, and after that, it must be smooth sailing. The tyres in the 2020 CR-V are exceptionally handy here as they have a lot of sidewalls that can take up those impacts.

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