Xamarin is mainly used for the mobile app development to develop applications for Android, iOS and for universal windows platform. This technology is normally written in C# and or XAML. You can also start coding for your cross platform application using this technology’s language. Xamarin training in Chennai will help you to know more about this technology.

Reasons to take xamarin

Native package – Xamarin application always runs with user interface controls. You will get application designed from native technologies. They will give you a better performance for an app. Basically they will offer the best performance for gaming app.

Importance of enhancement – Visual update gives a good welcome screen with new icons, smooth gestures. Visual studio support will also help you to improve the extension of iOS and android. Using NuGet will offer the cross platform application in xamarin. Visual studios will also offer the complete documentation for NET Base cases.

Code sharing – Xamarin offers great code sharing techniques for applications.

Shared projects – They have a simple approach of code sharing. Both the windows and android users can use this shared project.

Portable class library – Xamarin application produces and consumes visual studio’s PCL.

Developing environment – Anybody can develop application with visual studios in mac or windows. Visual studio is used for writing code and deploying it. This is the same for the android also. For developing an android application developer should need java and SDK pre-installed in a machine.

Xamarin cloud for test – Testing plays a very important role in the software industry. Xamarin test cloud will help you to test its application with many real time applications.

High performance – There are many xamarin based applications in the play store. They also develop lots of cross platform applications with high performance as native application does.

Development and maintenance – Xamarin offers the ability to code an application and also they will share the application logic to all mobile operating system. They will normally reject repetitive steps in creating an application. This will help to save the time and also allow developing other process.

Certification in Xamarin


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