Reasons to Install ProDetec Automatic Fire Detector in Commercial Buildings

Early detection is the key to protecting the safety of building occupants and emergency responders. Automatic fire detectors are a recent addition to the equipment available to combat the threat of fire in facilities. With fire detectors, you could reduce the property loss, save the lives, and downtime of the operation.

ProDetec automatic fire detector and fire sensor have a good record of performance and are effective in reducing property damage. In fact, they act as crucial elements of security systems, ensuring the safety of people and assets. Here are a few valuable reasons to install automatic fire detector in your facility:-

Avoid smoke inhalation

Do you know most fire deaths are caused by smoke inhalation? Yes, in most cases, people inside the building can’t make it to the accessible exit due to the smoke inhalation. Our automatic fire detectors are designed to quickly detect and warn the occupants of a building during the initial stage of the fire. A well-designed system that is installed properly can provide enough time for the occupants to evacuate the place safely and alert the fire responders. This allows the fire personal to be strategic in their approach to combat the fire while also ensuring their safety in doing so.

Keep you code-compliant

The Building Code of Australia regulation requires the commercial property owners to have complaint fire detectors and sensors installed. The regulations have been developed to ensure the safety of occupants and property. Failure to comply with the regulations can result in legal consequences and a hefty fine. You may also need to face the lawsuit due to the negligent maintenance of fire detectors.

Qualify for insurance discounts

If you have code-complaint fire detectors in your commercial property, most insurance provide discounted rates on business insurance policy premiums. In fact, some insurers require building owners to install a fire detector before insuring your business.

Save lives and reduce property loss

Automatic fire detectors can alert occupants, which gives them adequate time to evacuate the place in an orderly fashion. This can avoid injuries during the evacuation in the event of a fire. Monitored fire detectors can automatically notify emergency responders so that they can reach your location without any delay. The faster the response, the lesser the damage your building sustains.

If you are need of fire detectors for your commercial property, look no further than ProDetec. ProDetecis a leading supplier in Australia and New Zealand of innovative and reliable solutions that precisely detect and measure a range of process variables in numerous industries.

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