Reasons Behind Choosing Study MBBS in Russia

1.       Russia Considered a Friendly Nation

For India, Russia has always been considered a friendly nation that has always helped India in times of need.

2.       Friendly Relations with Country

Even when the country was known as the Soviet Nation, India always had friendly relations with the country.

3.       Open Arms to Study in Country

Mainly because of this fact, Russia has always welcome Indian medical students with open arms to study in the country.

4.       Russia Is World’s Strongest Nations

The giant nation is known as one of the world’s strongest nations and education-wise the country is famous for its universities.

5.       Russia Is Considered Amongst the Best in World

The medical universities of Russia are considered amongst the best in the world.

6.       Great Quality of Education Offered

The quality of education which the Russian medical universities provide to the students from all across the world.

7.       Thousands of Students Plan to Study MBBS in Russia Every Year

It is fantastic and mainly because of this reason thousands of medical aspirants plan to study MBBS in Russia.

8.       Always Focused on Providing Top Quality Education

It is a country which has always focused on providing top-quality education to the students at an economical cost.

9.       Top-Quality Education of Russian Medical Schools

The top-quality education of Russian medical schools has always helped the students to get jobs at top places.

10.   Hospitals and Companies Want to Grab Students from Russian Schools

All the hospitals and companies want to grab students who have graduated from Russian medical schools.

11.   Global Recognition Degree Received

The global recognition of the degree received from Russian medical schools.

12.   Why the Students Consider Russia for MBBS Course

It is another one of the reasons why the students consider Russia amongst the top choices whenever they are looking to study MBBS in abroad.

13.   Plenty of Opportunities While Studying MBBS in Russia

The students get plenty of opportunities while studying MBBS in Russia such as exploring new equipment.

14.   Laboratories for Practical

In the laboratories, getting hands-on practical experience, interaction with experienced teachers, and faculties.

15.   Student Exchange Programs

The student exchange programs, participation in student clubs, etc.

16.   Students in Becoming a Top Medical Graduate

These opportunities to help students in becoming a top medical graduates.

17.   Hard to Find all These Facilities in Abroad

It is hard to find all these facilities in one single country.

18.   Majority of Top Medical Universities of Russia

The majority of top medical universities of Russia provide the students with all these facilities.

19.   Russia Counted Amongst Top Ranked Medical Schools in World

There are many medical universities of Russia which are counted amongst the top-ranked medical schools in the world.

20.   FEFU Is Recognized University of Russia

The FarEastern Federal University (FEFU) is one of the most recognized medical universities in Russia.

21.   The plethora of Medical Courses

It has a plethora of medical courses which it has been providing to medical students of several countries for many years.

22.   Get Opportunities to Choose from a Variety of Courses

The students get opportunities to choose from a variety of courses in which they want to do the specialization course.

23.   Guidance of Experienced Teachers

The guidance of experienced teachers is important for a student.

24.   Become a Successful Physician

If he or she wants to complete a course and become a successful physician.

25.   Facilities of Experienced Teachers to Guide Students

The FEFU (Far Eastern Federal University) provides the students with the facilities of experienced teachers who not only guide them during difficult phases of the courses.

26.   Smooth Transition in the Training Period

Also, it helps them during the smooth transition in their training period.

27.   Teachers have Good Command over the English Language

The teachers have good command over the English language and which helps the students to understand the course properly without any language trouble.

28.   Students have to learn the Russian Language During Course 

Even though the students have to learn Russian language courses during their stay in Russia for the MBBS course.

29.   The Course is taught in the English Language

It is to be noted that the course is only taught in the English language and Russian language is only taught to them.

30.   Do Not Face Any Problems during their Stay in Russia

So that they do not face any problems during their stay in the country and helping them for their training period.

31.   Talking to Local Citizens

The internship that they would have to do while talking to local citizens of Russia.

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