Quick wins with a content-based SEO strategy in COVID19

The COVID19 pandemic has forced companies in Canada to tighten their purse strings.

New projects and investments have been put on hold, and budgets allocated for ongoing projects are being slashed. While federal aid has to some extent eased the financial burden, experts say that the overall business sentiment across different provinces is dampened, to say the least, and the economy will take a while to recover.


Ripple effects are also being felt in the digital marketing world in Alberta. Digital heads of major brands are approving only those projects that are essential to run the business, and are putting big ticket digital transformation projects on the back burner.

For digital marketing professionals in Calgary the writing is on the wall. They have to make do within the marketing budget available to them. This means focusing more on SEO as it is free.

Given this scenario, a typical Calgary SEO company could adopt a content strategy with a twin objective:

Focus on content that your audience needs during COVID19

Business owners are looking for low hanging fruit that can easily be converted into a deal. They are looking for a quick turnaround. This means that you don’t have time to lose and must act quickly. Your best bet would be to focus on existing content that you have and to leverage it for your audience. For a Calgary SEO company this can be done by:

Finding the right keywords

Select a few articles or blogs and use the tools available with you, whether free or paid, to identify the queries against which they are ranking. Some of these tools are Google Search Console, Google Trends, SEMrush, Ahrefs, Moz, AlsoAsked, Scout Suggest and QuestionDB.

Gather all the relevant queries and observe how your content is performing in each of them by splitting them into 3 categories:

  • Queries with Page 1 rank
  • Queries with Page 2 rank
  • Queries below Page 2 rank.

Improving existing content

  • Page 1 rank:

By making a few minor tweaks, your content would move up a few spots, pr even appear as a featured snippet. 

  • Page 2 rank:

You might need to add a few sections to your content, or create a separate page for it hub-and-spokes style.

If you are able to get your hands on typical queries that users ask, then by addressing their queries with very specific content and some helpful FAQs, you could also have a chance to make this content appear as a featured snippet on Google.

Consolidating existing content

Review the queries where the content is ranked below page 2. Try and locate content that is related to it, or similar to it, and bundle it together. This way you have a chance to convert individual pieces of weak content into one strong page that could command authority and respect in the eyes of search engines.

Create brand new short-form content for long-tail question like queries

Create customized content, preferably brand new to address the low-search-volume question-like queries that you had initially categorized.

While the search volume of these individual queries may not be high, they are decent enough to be incorporated due to their combined search volume and low competition.

Build an FAQ page Schema Markup:

In this step you need to implement the Schema type FAQPage for your content. This is an easy step that allows you to extend your snippet with the FAQ box.

Also focus on evergreen content that you audience will always want

A Calgary SEO company must also be ready to make content relevant for the Post-Covid19 scenario, when the pandemic ends. It must remember that while this type of content may not deliver immediate results, it will work in the long term for its customers.  Typical examples of this type of content are resource pages, statistics, tools, glossaries and e-books.


Digital marketing can be profitable for a Calgary SEO company even during COVID19 as long as it focuses on those aspects of SEO that require little effort & time, and yet deliver a high return on investment to its clients.


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