Quick Guide: Hens Party Gift Ideas

Is your best friend getting married? Well, that means you need to organise a hens party. This should be the party where she has so much fun that she can never forget, and yet has no recollection of it. With a lot of champagne and party gifts, you can pull it off. The champagne will take care of the loss of memory and the gifts will make the party memorable. Here are some gifts that you can give her.

Basket of Chocolates

Well, you have seen a fruit basket before, but for a hens party, substitute fruit with chocolates. A basket full of chocolates will certainly be something to remember. You can pick up an assortment of these tasty treats according to what you know she loves. Chocolates and sweets in different naughty shapes can be found at the hens party supplies shop.

Bath Robe

Does this seem like an ordinary gift? Well, a bit of creativity can change that. You can add all the names of her friends on the back or a sweet message that would make the bathrobe a special gift that she will remember long after the party. Try something like “X loves Y but I am her best friend” X would be the name of the bride and Y the name of the groom.


Now, this does not have to be very expensive jewellery. You can pick up some really cool jewellery among the hens party supplies. Just like the bathrobe, you can add a personal touch to it so that it becomes something memorable and reminds her that she has great friends. It could be a bracelet with the date of the party or a necklace. You can make a choice based on your friend’s character.

Gift bag

A gift bag with an assortment of things may be a memorable gift. You can pick up a gift bag as part of the hens party accessories. Some ideas for this bag include scented candles, massage oils, an appointment for spa treatment and dance classes among others. You can decide with all her friends to each pick out items from a gift shop and then put all of them in a single gift bag.


It’s her last night out with the girls before the wedding and she may want to get really crazy, champagne can help her loosen up and enjoy the night to the full. If you decide to go with the gift though, make sure the wedding is not the next day because she will need time to recover from the effect of such a gift. As a matter of fact, you all will need some time for recovery, so plan the hen party a week before the wedding when you will all need to look your best.

Gifts may not be so common at the party, but they give you a chance to share a gift that is just for her because, on the wedding day, the gifts you give are usually for the couple. So, get creative and give your best friend a gift she will remember.

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