Questions you should ask before finalising an event venue

So, have you researched many venues and narrowed the list down? What’s next? Visit the venues and see how exactly they look! But there’s more to the perfect venue than just the aesthetics. Whether it is a local or out-of-town event, here are a few questions that you have to get complete clarity before finalising a venue. Most of us narrow it down only to the budget and location but there are many other things you should sort out before booking it so that you are not left with the key elements missing on your big day.

Questions to ask before finalising your party venue:

What’s the driving or walking distance from the ceremony location?

For example, if yours is a church wedding you may have a ceremony location plan. If you are not providing a transportation facility for your guests, you should know how long it will take for them to get from the ceremony location to the wedding venues Sydney. You should also know what the traffic is like around the time of your wedding to be sure your guests can reach on time.

Is the venue near your guests’ hotels?

The answer to this question can impact your decision to book the venue. At the end of the day, your guest should reach the wedding venues Sydney without the trouble of travelling a long way.

Is public transportation an option?

You should know if the wedding venue is close to any public transportation or if there is any cab service in the area for your guests to use.

What kind of aesthetic features do you have?

You should know if the venue has some stand out features that run with your decor vision. Is it on the waterfront? Are there any incredible nature areas or interiors?

What kinds of services do you offer?

If you plan for a birthday party, you should know for the sake of your budget whether the birthday venues Sydney have an all-inclusive package for food and the site. Ask, don’t assume that everything is included.

What’s the outdoor space like?

If you plan for an outdoor wedding theme, you should be sure that there is sufficient space that will fit your guests comfortably.

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