Questions To Ask While Hiring An Industrial Cleaning Company


Cleaning companies come in many types and sizes. Nowadays many companies prefer to hire commercial cleaning companies for their cleaning needs rather than hiring a full-time janitor. Your cleaning company’s goal should be to provide the highest quality professional cleaning service at the best price. Quality, value and performance are the primary traits that a good cleaning company should offer. Here we have mentioned a few questions you need to ask while hiring the industrial cleaning company.

How Do You Train Employees?

One of the advantages of hiring cleaning companies is the quality of their staff. Ask how many hours are devoted to training new hires, the list of qualification of trainers, the training program, and the training material. Ideally, the material should include safety procedures, theories of cleaning, products and equipment, classroom training, training certification, and ongoing evaluations.

How Long Have You Been In Business?

Newly-formed cleaning businesses may still be trying to tread water as they work on time management, training workers, quality control, and such. These new companies with less experience may not be at par with what you need.

By knowing how long they have been established and how competitive they have become in the industry, you can guess their quality of service. A long run proves that a company has been successful in maintaining smooth operations, has built a good reputation, and has created a competitive portfolio and testimonials.

What Kind Of Products And Equipment Do You Use?

It would be ideal if your cleaning service used safe products that wouldn’t put your employees at any health risk. Some industrial floor cleaner are very effective at cleaning; however, they may leave a residue that contains toxins that can be harmful. Also, if the cleaning company that you hire uses old equipment such as an old vacuum cleaner, it will probably be quite loud and will consume more power.

What Services Do You Offer?

Each business will have unique requirements depending on your budget, office traffic, and office amenities. You’ll need carpet steam cleaning and vacuuming if your office is carpeted and floor polishing if it is not. And if your office has many windows, window cleaning is a must.

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