Questions To Ask While Choosing House Painters


Deciding to paint a room yourself or hire a professional painting company can be a big decision. Whether you’re looking for condo painting Toronto or home painting help, asking a few questions before you hire someone can make your project go a lot smoother.

Does A House Painter Bring The Paint With Them?

Most house painters in Toronto have the paint delivered to your home or bring it with them on the first day of the project. Often the house painters arrive on-site with all of the supplies and equipment they need to ensure that your project is completed professionally and in a timely manner. Furthermore, they need to remove and recycle any leftover paint that you don’t want to keep onsite.

Does A House Painter Clean Up Afterward?

You don’t want to clean up. Make sure this is clear in your contract. Often the company that offers residential painting in Toronto will do all the cleaning. You just sit back and enjoy your freshly painted home.

What Prep Work Do I Need To Do Before My House Painter Comes?

It depends on what the painter says they do. Most house painters bring the paint to your home. They do ask that you move anything that is breakable or irreplaceable and remove items hanging from the walls. Prep work, such as filling nail holes, and post job clean-up is standard. For larger or more complex repairs, simply ask and we will provide a quote.

Does A House Painter Move Furniture?

Some do, but not all. Clarify this before choosing a painter for your project. The house painters can help move a couple of furniture items that weigh less, but any time spent prepping the space makes the project longer. If there are items that weigh more or if there are multiple items that need to be moved, they may add an extra charge to your quote. Some house painters do not move fragile or irreplaceable items, nor do they disconnect water or gas lines.

What Does A House Painter Do?

Knowing your painter’s step-by-step process is valuable. This way you know where your money is going and can track the progress of the project. Most house painters are transparent in their painting process; pricing is visible on a per-item basis, often they bring the necessary equipment and supplies to your home, they cover and protect your belongings, and when the project is done they clean up!

The author of this article is one of the experienced house painters in Toronto. In this article, he has mentioned a few questions to ask while choosing a painter for your home. Visit

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