Protocols to Fly the Australian National Flag

The Australian National Flag has become a symbol of Australian patriotism and pride. At sporting events and by service organisations, schools, civic groups and private citizens, the flag is paraded by the security forces and displayed throughout the world. The Southern Cross stars had different number of points in its original design to indicate the nation’s brightness. Subsequently, the Flags Act of 1953 designated the Australian Blue Ensign as the Australian National Flag and the Australian Red Ensign as the Australian Flag for merchant ships. If you are looking to buy Australian National Flags in Perth, you can contact Tudor House.

Flying the flag

The flag has precedence over all the other national flags in a way that it should not be flown in a position or size less than any other flag like or enchantment. It should be briskly raised and ceremonially lowered, when all present lookat the flag in silence.

It is a matter of fact that the flag should always be hovered high up and free as close as possible to the top of the flag pole, with the rope securely tied. It should be lifted not earlier than the daylight and lowered not later than nightfall. When it is flown at night it should be lit, and it should never be flown in anupturned direction, as a sign of distress even.

Displaying the national flag

If the flag is placed uniform against a wall, on a flag string, or suspended vertically in the centre of a street, an individual facing the flag will place the canton in the upper left quarter. The explanation for this is that the canton is the honour location on the flag. While the Australian flag is placed alone on a speaker’s table, it should be flat against the wall or on a staff to the right of the speaker as they address the crowd. The flag should be as close to the top as possible when placed on the flag rope, with the flag rope strong.

Flying the Australian flag with other national flags

Once the Australian national flag is flown with other nations’ flags, both flags should be the same size, if possible, and they should be flying the same height on flag poles. Country flags will never fly at the same flagpole together. No national flag should be raised over another in peacetime according to international law. Nevertheless, the Australian national flag will take honorary place. Therefore, when all the flags can be simultaneously raised and lowered, the Australian national flag will be raised first, and lowered last. The Australian national flag will fly on a person’s left facing the flags while flying with only another national flag.

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