Process Serving – Tips For Staying Safe


To run a legal system efficiently, process serving is an essential task. Even though the process serving job is beneficial, it comes with some risk factors. The private process server can even be unduly blamed for the served individual being contacted. The cases of assault against process servers have been on the rise. In some states, there are new laws that elevate an assault on a process server to a felony. Here we have mentioned a few tips for process servers to avoid some risky situations.

Don’t Turn Your Back

Just as in a boxing match, protect yourself at all times. Keep an eye on all potential danger that includes the person you are serving. Even if they have been completely polite so far, they may be waiting for you to drop your guard.

No Further Information

When some people are being served, they have many questions for you. To keep the interaction brief, tell them you have not looked at the papers and have “no further information.” Responding in this way will decrease the chances of them blaming you and help get you away more quickly.

Remain Calm

The person could be having a bad day or may react strongly when you serve them. They may become emotional, but the best way to defuse an emotional response is remaining calm and logically responding to them.

Don’t Go Inside

You can see the outside of houses and apartments, but anything and anyone could be inside. Stay outside and make sure to back away from the door after knocking to appear less threatening. If the person invites you inside, politely decline.

Get Some Background

As a court process server, you should ask your client about the person you will be serving. You need to know about previous charges, drug or alcohol use, and if the person will expect being served all give you a head’s up for the coming situation.

Looking at some of the papers you will be serving can give you some insight into the type of character you will be meeting. Beware of domestic dispute charges or restraining orders.

Always be respectful while talking and interacting with the person you are serving, but at the same time, keep yourself safe at all times. If you are looking for companies that serve court papers, you can contact Preferred Process Servers, Inc.

The author of this article is an experienced private process server. In this article, he has mentioned a few tips to stay safe while serving process. Visit

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