Pro Tips on How to Pick the Right Get Well Flowers for the Hospital

If your friend or a family member is unwell, sending a bouquet of gorgeous flowers can definitely lift their spirits. Flowers are a great way to convey your wishes for a quick recovery. There are several flowers of different colors and sizes available for flower delivery in Charlottesville VA, hence it might be hard for you to decide on which one needs to be gifted. Fortunately, this guide contains tips from floral experts to make your purchase easier:

Research Before Buying:

Before purchasing a flower bouquet straight away, do research and see if the hospital allows gifting flowers in specific areas such as maternity wards or intensive care facilities. It is likely that a majority of hospitals allow it, but contact and check with the staff just in case.

Keep it Small and Simple:

Some of you might think that gifting a huge bouquet of bold and bright flowers sounds like a good idea, but it could be a little uncomfortable in a small hospital room. The best idea is to purchase a simple bouquet of regular size having a mix of good flowers. Of course, if the floral design is being sent to a home, any size would be fine.

Choose Flowers Free from Allergens:

Even if the patient is not vulnerable to flower allergies, there might be other people out there in the hospital such as visitors and staff who are prone to have a reaction to pollen or strong scents. This is why you should pick flowers that are not likely to cause allergic reactions. Talk to the florist in Charlottesville VA before purchasing a flower bouquet.

Pick the Right Colors:

Colors influence one’s feelings and emotions. Choose flowers with colors that can brighten the mood of the recipient and cheer them up. Fresh flowers are found to reduce the effects of depression and anxiety amongst patients. Colorful flowers can spread positive vibes around, and make the recipient feel better overall.

Use a Suitable Container:

Rather than using a flower vase that is easily breakable, choose a basket or inexpensive plastic container to prevent possible damage. The patient may not be able to bring the arrangement home, so an expensive vase isn’t practical.

Fresh Flowers, Always:

Make sure that the flowers you purchase from a florist are fresh enough to last many days. The best florist in Charlottesville VA will create a unique arrangement of fresh-cut flowers that have lots of life.

These are some of the simple tips to follow when looking for the best get well flowers for your friend or family member. Check out the best arrangements offered by leading flower shops in Charlottesville VA and make a choice.

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