Printed Greaseproof Paper – Why is it the most preferred


Greaseproof paper is an essential accessory for the hospitality venue, and it is a marketing opportunity for promoting brands. A well designed printed greaseproof paper can grab the attention of your customers, reflecting your brand and the standards you represent. Serving a bowl of hot chips in greaseproof paper will stay warmer for a long time because of its exceptional thermal qualities. We bet no customer ever resists a portion of piping hot fluffy chips served on greaseproof paper or a paper-wrapped burger. Do you know the elements that are used in making the greaseproof paper? Can you ensure that the paper you use contains no harmful chemicals?

The Paper:

Greaseproof papers are recyclable with no chemical coating or treatment. The greaseproof property is acquired during the pulping process. With a high-quality pulp, the paper fibre becomes smaller than a grease molecule as they are tightly entwined.

There are many cheap alternatives as well in the market, which have all sorts of harmful nastiness like silicon, metals, and glycol. These papers usually stick to the food wrapped in it. So be careful while choosing the right suppliers. Always go for reliable printed greaseproof paper suppliers who supply the best quality papers.

The Ink:

Natural inks made from a healthy mix of ingredients like dextrin, soy, starch, tree resin, and sugars are used to print on the greaseproof paper. The greaseproof papers are usually used in the hospitality industry. It is a very specialist area, so if you are running a change in your menu and want to see if you can enhance it with your printed greaseproof paper, talk to experts in the industry.

More about Greaseproof Papers:

As the name suggests, these are precisely greaseproof papers. This is because the wax content in it creates a barrier for oily and fatty foods. Hence it is suitable for wrapping fatty foods such as sandwiches, cheeseburgers, etc.

Besides printed greaseproof papers, you can custom print your brand message, a simple quote, or your logo for advertisement purposes. More often, people carry out this food packaging with them to the next place where they go, and the chances are high that many people see your brand. We have got you some suggestions for using greaseproof papers.

Greaseproof papers are excellent:

– For using with uncooked pastry

– For wrapping of sandwiches and burgers

– To line your cake tins, but make sure to grease after lining the pan.

– As plates for fried food

– For lining baskets

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