Power Hour 360: How To Start Your Own Fitness Studio in Kirkland, WA

Power Hour 360 is one of the best group fitness studios in Kirkland, WA where gym members get a personalized fitness program during the one hour group program. All the classes like group fitness programs and boxing training in Kirkland, WA are being scheduled throughout the day. They are all designed to accommodate every individual’s fitness needs at any stage of their fitness level. The good thing about Power Hour 360 gyms is that all exercises are being projected across the studio on multiple video screens to check each one’s proper form. This is on top of having a studio trainer supervising the gym members.


Power Hour 360 makes sure to accommodate all levels of fitness participation. Their exercises were designed at High, Medium, and Low intensity levels. Exercises include cardio, power boxing training, group fitness workouts and strengthening programs. All workouts are complemented with top of the line technology that measures real-time heart rate and caloric output levels that can be projected through the video screens in the studio. 


Why franchise with Power Hour 360?


There is a significant rise in health and wellness awareness in the industry. With this, people are looking for ways to stay fit and keep a healthy lifestyle. What better and healthier way to own a business is to franchise a Power Hour 360 gym within your area.

Power Hour 360 is the best fitness gym in Kirkland, WA. They need people who are passionate about health and fitness and driven with entrepreneurial spirit. You don’t have to be a personal trainer. All you need to have is you know what drives people to build a better version of themselves.

How much does a Power Hour 360 franchise cost?


The initial franchise fee of Power Hour 360 is $39,500 and has a total investment ranging from $144,250 to $447,750. There is a franchise fee discount for multiple units and territory purchases.


Why own a Power Hour 360 franchise?


Power Hour 360 developed four different studio business models that are designed to accommodate multiple investment levels. One can choose a studio business model that fits your budget. It can be as small as 1,200 square feet to over 3,000 square feet.


Power Hour 360 designed more than 180 workout videos to ensure that gym members never repeat exact same workout routines within a six-month period. These videos are assigned on a daily basis along with a hardcopy back-up file.


Fitness trainers are encouraged to maintain a positive workout environment and happy dispositions with clients. Power Hour 360’s unique approach of incorporating app-based scheduling, cardio strength training and boxing creates a fun workout program that allows gym members to always keep up with the latest fitness trends.


Of course, Power Hour 360 ensures that all franchise owners will be equipped with all the necessary things needed to start their fitness studio from territory, proper exercise form to handling a group class workout.


New franchise owners will immerse and be trained at one of the Power Hour 360’s four locations in Las Vegas to experience actual studio workouts and gain mic experience teaching a live class. Franchise owners will also have access to technical and clinical support through Power Hour 360’s Home Office Support team. Get in touch with the Power Hour 360 team through 206.508.5842.

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