Porcelain Slabs – Facts You Need To Know!

When Porcelain Slabs Sydney is used as a countertop surface, porcelain has been completely redesigned to be not only elegant, but durable, standing up well to heavy wear and tear. The porcelain slabs of today provide a wide range of choices to fit the varying aesthetic sensibilities of homeowners while offering a variety of advantages special to this surface.

Not Yesterday’s Same Porcelain

Although yesterday’s porcelain benchtops Sydney was undoubtedly a step up from ceramic in terms of durability and density, it still needed grouting and continuous maintenance. However these days, due to the emergence of expansive, porcelain slap options that look nothing like their tile predecessors, porcelain provides much more than it used to. These stunning, robust surfaces offer the same visual and functional appeal and are much more durable. They are a modern alternative to quarried stone. This content is however, 100 per cent recyclable. Porcelain slab countertops, made of high-quality kaolinite clay, blended with silica, feldspar, and other ingredients, offer the strength and durability you might expect from natural stone.

More Strong Than Stone

It is reasonable to believe that porcelain slab counters are never going to be as solid as marble and granite natural stone alternatives, but the reality is, porcelain is just as strong, and even stronger in most cases. It is considerably stronger than marble, and also granite, putting quartz on par with it.

Secure For Food Prep

Natural stone is inherently porous, so homeowners seal the surface of their countertop and reseal it as required. Given the natural density of porcelain slabs, while also enjoying healthy food preparation, you won’t have to think about sealants. As it resists the accumulation of bacteria, mould and allergens, this surface is more aseptic than many other countertop choices, making your food prep surfaces cleaner.

Minimal Maintenance With Porcelain Slab Countertops

Porcelain countertops are not impervious to damage, like any surface, because of everyday abuses such as banging pots and cutlery damage; porcelain may suffer cracks, chips, and other damage. You can’t go wrong with porcelain slab countertops, though if you’re looking for a sturdy and low-maintenance countertop surface. Not only is it highly resistant to many items that might affect other products, but it can be washed with almost any form of cleaner, although natural stone also allows you to restrict yourself to specialised stone cleaners or gentle soap and water for dishes. For your convenience, on every other kitchen or bathroom floor, porcelain countertops can be washed with the same solvents you use.

Fewer Countertop Seams

Slabs of porcelain come in larger sizes than plaques of natural stone. So the use of porcelain can result in fewer seams in kitchen countertops, bars and islands, if not absolutely removing the need for them. Porcelain comes in slabs so large that it usually requires fewer seams. Porcelain slabs can potentially be as wide as 126 inches X 62 inches to cover more countertop surfaces.

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