Popular Thanksgiving Flowers


Thanksgiving Day brings together every member of the family, and it is all about enjoying the good people and good things in our lives. There may be a range of gifts that can be tried out for Thanksgiving Day, but nothing is better than Flowers. Yes, make this Thanksgiving Day even more meaningful by decorating with vibrant Thanksgiving-inspired flowers and plants. You can even present a centrepiece or bouquet of Thanksgiving flowers to the host.

Here is a list of popular Thanksgiving flowers suggested by the best florists in London Ontario: –

Peruvian Lilies (Alstroemeria)

As a beautiful blossom and a symbol of devotion, Peruvian Lilies embody the warmth of gatherings that says spending time with someone special in your life is so magical, and you will always be there for them no matter what happens. These flowers are found in a range of colors, including shades of yellow, pink, orange, white, red, apricot, lavender, purple, and green.

Due to its festive vibrancy, Peruvian lilies remain a favorite bloom during the holiday season. Peruvian lily bouquets are an excellent choice for centrepieces on the dinner table so that the entire family can admire. Adorn your dinner table with Peruvian lilies this Thanksgiving.


Roses are an excellent way to provide timeless elegance in a setting that is meaningful to people who have gathered to share a meal while giving thanks. When it comes to floral arrangements, roses remain to be as the all time choice, no matter the occasion.

Bright yellow, red and gentle orange roses are great choices for Thanksgiving décor. Utilize the flower delivery London Ontario service and present a rose to each family member to show your gratitude on this Thanksgiving.

Gerbera Daisies

These are another great choice for Thanksgiving as they look spectacular around the home and create a presence, which makes your family admire them. With their bold colours, Gerbera Daisies are perfect for bright autumn decorations.


With its subtle beauty, Solidaster makes a great accent flower. Soft yellow, long lasting blooms give a woodland feel to the indoors. Mix them with carnations and chrysanthemums in autumn tones in a nice vase. Or include solidaster in your fall centerpiece.


Carnations are favourite blooms for all occasions, since they come in a great range of colours and last for days and days. New varieties of carnation are always entering the market – you don’t have to be stuck with traditional red and white. The carnation is the perfect way to celebrate as you dine with your family members this Thanksgiving.

What better way to make Thanksgiving special than with a beautiful floral arrangement? Visit the flower shops London Ontario and get help from the florist to choose the right flowers to celebrate the holiday.

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