Popular Retro 80s Themed Party Dining Ideas

Are you looking to host a 80s themed party?

Everyone loves to get an extra dose of nostalgia, especially of the radical parties, awesome games and the righteous tunes of the 80s. The decade was filled with flashy colours, exciting fashion, music and food. Ultimately it is a fun theme to create a night full of fun and food.

Styling the Dining Table – There are endless ways to style a table for the retro themed party. It can be decked with disco balls, silverware, the rubix cubes and inflatable guitars. If you get the help of right catering Blacktown, they will create a rocking atmosphere for your party.

Party Food and Drink – The cuisines of the 80s was an assortment of classy food and appetisers. Here are some convenient types of retro food for the party as suggested by the experts from catering North Ryde –

a) Chocolate mousse

b) Delightful French Onion dip

c) Steak with lobster and lemon butter sauce

d) Baked potato

e) Yummy Profiteroles, especially the ones made out of berries slathered in chocolate and custard sauce

f) Melon with prosciutto salad was a big hit in the 80s

g) The Savoury roulades stood as exciting centrepieces of the dinner table

h) Party starter Cocktails – Tequila Sunrise and Pina Colada

i) Lemon curd layer cake and Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting

j) Passionfruit creme brulee

k) Lobster roll with chive mayo

l) Finally, the after Dinner Mint

None of the 80s retro party was incomplete without these dishes.

Party Area Decor – Decorations are the key to any party. There are several design ideas which you can use for a retro themed party. Your best bet can be to choose neon aesthetics, as it is easy to buy online. You can even ask the catering North Sydney to fill up an old-fashioned side table in the room with some 80s snacks. You can also use the old gaming systems, boombox, old dial telephones, computers or anything associated with the 80s and put them up in the room to create the 80s effect.

Party Costumes – The most entertaining aspect of a retro party is the costumes. You can ask your guests to wear round glasses, bell bottom pants, bomber jackets, platform shoes etc. Once your guests arrive in vintage fashion at the party, enjoy taking photographs with the guests. You can even ask your catering supplier to put on some 80s accessories to pair with the party.

Hopefully this article has given you some ideas about retro themed dining, which you could include for your 80s themed party. If you have a lot of guests, consider talking to catering Parramatta, who will come up with the right menu based on the 80s theme.

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