Pipe Bending – Know The Various Types

Depends on a variety of factors such as material type, wall thickness, quantity required and accuracy desired, piping is formed. Pipe bending plays one of the most important parts in fabrications Australia. Bending pipes for making trumpets, trombones or other musical instrument, roll cage in a race car, stair railings in high rise building or precision hydraulic lines in an aircraft, the precision forming of pipes is a critical part of manufacturing today. Here we have mentioned a few types of pipe bending.

Mandrel Pipe Bending

With the capability to form tighter and exacting radii the rotary pipe bender can begin to easily collapse the tubing during the forming process. By adding an internal support, or mandrel, during the forming process the tube walls can be held firm from collapsing. With the addition of a mandrel, inserted within the tube and controlled by the machine during the bending process, the tube is kept from collapsing in on itself as it is stretched and formed around the bending die.



-Shape – Roundness of tube is kept throughout the forming process

-Accuracy and Repeatability

Rotary Draw Bending

Rotary Draw Bending is by far the most popular form of pipe bending in Australia as it is easiest to control, more precise, repeatable and a relatively affordable tube bending system. Here, the tube is clamped to the bend die and is ‘drawn’ around the die by the machine by either hydraulic or electric methods. As the bending die rotates the tubing is held in place firmly against the rotating bend die by the pressure die.



-Precise and Repeatable

Roll Bending

Roll Bending is another method of tube bending that utilizes a 3 or 4 roll machine called an Angle Roll or Section Roller to pull the tube or pipe through the rolls while pressing the tubing into an increasing bend. This method can be an easy and precise way to bend a variety of radii without the need for specific tooling for the desired bend radius desired.


-Sections such as pipe, bars, and angle can also be formed with this method

-A variety of tube radii can be performed on the same machine including variable angles.

Press Bending

Press Bending is a simplistic form of tube bending. Using a press brake, ironworker, hydraulic press or similar machine a simple “bend die” is pressed against the tube or pipe which is straddled across two fixed supports forcing it to conform to the shape.


-Versatile can be adapted to provide versatility in bending tubing, pipe and barstock

-Process is cheap

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