Pamper Your Guests at Your Baby Shower Party


So the big day is rapidly approaching, and you are super excited to meet the little one. Just about everything in your life is going to revolve around your baby. You need to celebrate, and what better way could there be to celebrate it than with a baby shower? In fact, a baby shower can really help you feel better and less overwhelmed by equipping you with a lot of what you need when the little one arrives.

But, who told that baby shower has to be in a traditional way? You don’t have to follow your family’s traditions. Today’s baby showers are less traditional and more focused on fun for you and your guests. How about throwing a baby shower spa party? Yes, you can pamper yourself and your guests and have a great baby shower east coast party.

Why opt for a baby shower spa party?

Many expecting mothers wanted to have parties that feel closer to a girl’s night out than a traditional baby shower. One of the popular trending parties like mani-pedi party, teenage pamper party, and princess pamper party Gold Coast. You can just block out a couple of hours at a favourite spa saloon or find a local mobile spa that will come to your place and pamper you and your guests. Once you organise a baby shower party service, they will come to your place, set up, and do all the pampering you and your girls need.

How to make the baby shower party truly fun?

Let the mom-to-be in on the planning process

The Baby shower East Coast is usually thrown about a month or two before the due date. But, it is always best to ask the parents if they would like to celebrate pre or post-birth. So, let the mom-to-be a part in every aspect of the party. You should also ensure that mom is feeling well enough at a particular point in her pregnancy. She won’t be able to enjoy a pink ombre layer cake you made if she is feeling nausea 24/7.

Include activities

Your pregnant friend may be nearing her due date, but that doesn’t mean you need to need to have a seated arrangement. Include a fun activity like a yoga session or group exercises that caters to pre-natal women. You can also have a light-hearted event and have some space. Play a fun game that the whole family can participate in.

Serve fancy cocktails

A signature drink is always fun, and it is easy to reinforce the style of the party if you have one. You can serve them in fancy glassware or serve them in little sippy cups to play up the baby theme.

Serve a meal

Since a baby is the guest of honour, it doesn’t mean food and treats should be baby-sized. So don’t limit yourself to finger food. Choose a good meal with a variety of dishes and go for it. Most of the baby showers are thrown during the day. But, still you can host a nice dinner party, and that is a good idea

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