Painting tips to make your Small Bathroom look bigger!

It is an age-old myth that crisp white paint will make teeny-tiny rooms like small bathrooms feel much larger. It sometimes rings true, but it is not the only option. At times the best way to make a small room feel more spacious is to embolden it with bright, experimental, and dark paint colours. To open everyone up to the whole world of small bathrooms, we are spotlighting our top favourite shades below. From moody tones to neutrals and vibrant pops, you will find small bathroom paint colour ideas from residential painters Sydney to inspire your bathroom paint project.

Vibrant teal:

A bright shade of teal can make a statement in modern bathroom designs. Using vivid colours for the ceilings and walls can make the artwork, backsplash, and fixtures pop.

Dramatic black:

Who doesn’t love black? Unfortunately, not many of us have incorporated this colour into our home’s interior. Combined with silver accent, black brings a sophisticated look to any small bathroom. Consider a shimmery silver mosaic tile as the backsplash to make the bathroom space shine.


Show your girly side with the pop of pink. Adding earth tones in a graphic accent wall not only adds fun pattern into the design but also counteracts the brightly painted walls.

Crisp white:

Ok, we know we said we would stay away from white but why it is sometimes really the best choice for small bathrooms. According to house painters Sydney, bright white do well for traditional bathrooms. You can also add flashes of blue or green for a classic combo.

Few more tips to make a small bathroom look bigger:

Increase lighting:

Keeping the bathroom windows clear and clean is an easy and inexpensive way to make the room look larger. By letting in more natural light, you can make the room look bigger and brighter. Don’t you have windows? No problem, use extended light fixtures over the cabinets to make the bathroom look bigger.

Paint the ceiling and walls the same colour:

Erase the lines between areas in the bathroom whenever possible. Painting the ceiling and walls the same colour eliminates a break in the space, giving the illusion of a taller wall.

Less is more:

Go easy with the decors you add to the bathroom. While a piece of artwork or through rug is an excellent way to add some colours, limit how many you put in the smaller space. Too many decors can make the area seem cluttered and cramped.

Are you ready to start your small bathroom makeover with a fresh coat of paint, but not sure which colours to go with? You can contact professionals at painting services Sydney who can help you find the right shade and also help achieve long finishes you will love.

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