Paint Colour Ideas That Will Transform Your House

Revamping is a good idea to change the look of your house. But, many can’t afford to buy new furniture, carpets, and window coverings. This is when a fresh coat of paint comes to the play. Yes, paint colour is the easiest and least expensive ways to transform the aesthetic of your living room, bedroom, or even kitchen. While an accent wall is the most popular ways to make a statement, there are other ways to do it and here are they, as suggested by Painters Northern Beaches:-

Follow the Trend

If you want to make a statement and achieve a unique look, then you’ll have to follow the colour trends. Yes! Every year, the trending colours are announced by the paint industry. In addition to it, the colour of the years is also announced. The colour trend report consists of enticing photos and decorating ideas. Of course, it is impossible to change the colours in your entire home, especially if you have a tight budget. But, it is possible to make small changes in every room in your house by finding the colour or style you like and incorporate into your house. Add a touch of trending colour palette by adding pops of accent colours.

Choose Bold Shades

Often, people are sceptical about choosing bold colours for their home. But, never hesitate to choose bold paint colours as can be so much fun in your house and make a statement. The key is to choose the right bold colour that suits your architectural décor. That’s why you need to get colour consultation from the professionals who provide painting services Northern Beaches. A colourful artwork can add more energy to your colour palette, especially on a natural wall.

Embrace Monochromatic Colours

Do you want to create a more relaxing room? Decorate your space with a palette of monochromatic colours. But, many homeowners tend to avoid monochromatic shades as they feel it is complex and dull. But, creating a monochromatic colour scheme is easier. All you need to is start with one colour as the base for your new colour scheme. With one base colour, you can enhance it with lighter or brighter shades of that colour. Get help from the professional painters to create a monochromatic colour scheme.

Explore New Colours

Just because your friend or neighbour has painted their home in a certain colour, you don’t have to follow the same. Think out of the box and explore new colours. There are so much unbelievable and mind-blowing colour combinations that can give your house

a unique look. Browse Pinterest boards, home magazines; gather your friends and colleagues’ ideas to get inspired and come up with beautiful colour schemes to bring your vision to life in your home.

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