OET for Nurses: How important is it for you to present yourself professionally

Suppose, you are at the grocery store and you need a pack of bread. On the
shelf, you find packs of bread. All looking great. But, one pack is
damaged. Which one will you take? The one that is well-packed or the
one that is damaged? Obviously, you will pick the one that is
well-packed. Even if you see any discounted price on the damaged
pack, you will not buy it. Why? Because that doesn’t attract you.
You do not like it.

It is going to be the same with the people. During your OET test, you
will have to create the first good impression that is needed to make
the conversation friendlier and more enjoyable. The first impression
matters a lot.

If you present yourself in an unprofessional way, then there are chances
that people will question your competence.

This is the same whether you are at the workplace or taking OET speaking

OET speaking test is based on real-time situations at workplace

You will have to introduce yourself in the right way when you meet a new
patient. This is, in fact, very easy but for many nurses, it is
difficult. Especially, those who are not good at English. And it is
also very challenging for a nurse who is not a social butterfly. And
in a profession of nursing, it is important to be more social.
Otherwise, work can be more difficult.

You need to make a good impression and make the patient feel more

That is why in OET speaking sub-test, you are required to give a small
introduction of yourself at the start of the test.

And it is also possible that the role-play card that you receive
instructs you to provide a polite introduction to begin the

You will have to do as guided.

Good morning, my name is Ana and I will be your nurse today.  If you
need any help, you can count on me. I have seen your reports. My
shift is from 8 am to 8 pm. And after I go from here, another nurse
will continue taking care of you. “

A nurse will have to introduce herself to the patient. Begin with
“Hello,” “Good Morning,” “Good Afternoon,” etc. You need
to provide some other useful information that the patient might need.
You can tell your patient when you will go off shift and who will be
providing nursing assistance to the patient in your absence. You can
tell the patient about medications etc.

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