Now You Can Make a Place for Pasta in Your Healthy Diet

Pasta has earned a bad rap, but you don’t have to ban it entirely or relegate it to ‘cheat meal’ status. According to recent research, pasta consumption is associated with lower BMI, and people who consumed pasta on their diet had healthier hip-to-waist ration too. Pasta can be beneficial only if it’s dished up more healthily. Here are a few tips to prep your pasta in a healthier way if you are trying to lose weight or feel healthier.

Choose the Right Pasta

Instead of ordering regular white pasta, you must consider choosing whole-wheat or whole-grain pasta, which includes the nutritious layers of the grain that add heart-healthy fibre to your dish. It slows down the digestion process and helps you to maintain a steady level of glucose in the blood and keeps you feeling fuller longer. Even though whole-grain pasta is healthier, you must watch on the portion size for great benefits.

Stick to the Serving Size

While ordering your favourite pasta dish from a pizza restaurant in Vancouver, stick to the size of the serving. One serving is equivalent to half a cup of cooked pasta and should only take up about a quarter of your plate. If you are trying to lose weight, fill 1/4th of your plate with protein and ½ of your place with veggies.

More and More Veggies

Mixing vegetables to your pasta dish adds volume to it and gives you a fuller feeling in your stomach. This also helps you to cut back on unwanted calories that keeps adding on to your diet. You can also opt for veggie-packed pasta sauce from your pasta and pizza restaurant in Vancouver to load your meal with fibre.

Pasta Sauce

Did you know pasta sauce can take a pasta dish from healthy to fat-laden? So, you must check the fat and sodium content before you pour on a generous serving to your dish. Avoid cream-based sauces like Alfredo or carbonara that are high in fat and calories, and stick with a basic tomato sauce, which is usually a safe bet.

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