Nick Velicka’s Tips in Buying and Selling Houses in Time of Global Pandemic

On March 11, the World Health Organization officially declared COVID-19 as pandemic with over 2 million cases and over 118,000 deaths but over 674,000 recovered, making the USA a major contributor to the 7.82 million confirmed cases worldwide.


It may have sent the real estate market into a tailspin. Potential buyers are having second thoughts if they don’t want or can’t see their homes up for sale. According to Zillow’s research on previous pandemics, real estate sales may have dropped dramatically but the prices suffered a slight decrease.


Shelter is one of the basic human needs according to Abraham Maslow. People don’t buy houses as investments only. Buying a house is dependent on the stage of life you are in. With the rising cases of the global pandemic, it may delay a bit but all they need to do is nudge the ball to roll and move forward. 


Despite the current events, @properties is included as one of the top 11 residential brokers in the U.S. in terms of sales volume, the number one real estate business in Chicago, Illinois, and the second-largest brokerage firm in Chicago’s North Shore.


Nick Velicka @properties, a properties agent in Chicago, came prepared when it comes to his clients. There are a lot of safety measures to be taken into consideration for the seller, the buyer and the realtor. His team at @properties will not recommend a walkthrough if their clients are not comfortable.


According to Velicka, he always begins his sales talk by sending a virtual walkthrough for his clients whenever they are looking for properties for sale in Chicago. Realtors would not recommend leaving your home unless the property you are eyeing is the place that you would want to live in. For now, all of the properties agents in Chicago are sending photos together with measurements and answer detailed questions via online. These tools will aid potential buyers to be well-informed enough to make a good decision be it looking for a home or purchasing a commercial real estate in Chicago as you pivot to a “new normal” business.


@properties have taken the initiative to ensure the safety of their clients through these steps:


  1. Before the agent, the seller, and the potential buyers conduct a walk-through of the unit, all of them will have to sign a document stating that they are aware of the risks. 

  2. Observe proper social distance among each other. A maximum of four people is only allowed inside the unit.

  3. Face masks are recommended to be worn at all times. You may even wear face shields and shoe covers to protect yourself. Rest assured, all of the door handles will be sanitized before and after the walkthrough.



@Properties make it easy for clients to look for properties through virtual tours, drive-by to remote closings. A client’s health and safety is always a priority. Get in touch with Nick Velicka for your personal virtual tour through 1-630-776-3947 or email him at


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