Nick Velicka is Chicago’s best properties agent

Buying, selling and investing properties is a whole lot of work. There are a lot of properties for sale in Chicago to choose from and most buyers and investors would recommend Nick Velicka of @properties

In less than 10 years, @properties rose from the ranks and became the number one brokerage firm in Chicago. They expanded to the neighboring suburbs and @properties immediately grew into the largest independent broker in Illinois. 

Today, @properties is included as one of the top 11 residential brokers in the U.S. in terms of sales volume, the number one real estate business in Chicago, Illinois, and the second-largest brokerage firm in Chicago’s North Shore.

Who is Nick Velicka?

Nick Velicka was born in Florida, raised in South Africa and currently living in Chicago.

Nick used to work as an art auctioneer where he got bitten by the travel bug, appreciate the grandiose of architecture and get to know people. He traveled to many countries, immersed in different cultures and got blown away by amazing architectures. 

His love of buildings and impressive architecture led him to join the real estate business. With his extensive experience in buying, selling and investing in real estate properties, it is not a surprise he is one of the most go-to properties agents in Chicago. After jet setting halfway around the world, he realized that it is time to put down his roots and decided to call Chicago his home.

Here is A. Fredrickson’s feedback on how he worked with Nick Velicka:

“He was great to work with. He made arrangements very quickly and was extremely responsive to messages and concerns. Upon viewing units he was involved in the process and helped note improvements and fixes that needed to be made prior to move in, making the process much less stressful. When it comes to negotiating he had a great understanding of what the unit was worth and was able to get the offered price right away. It was a pleasure working with Nick and I would highly recommend him to others looking for apartments or condos in the Chicago area.”


If you would also like to settle down and ready to call Chicago your home too, like Nick Velicka, or simply looking for a commercial real estate in Chicago, Illinois, you can get in touch with him through 1-630-776-3947 or drop him a line at


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