New Mom’s Hairdos; Hairstyle for Birthday Party

Having the perfect hairstyle is an absolute must when it comes to attending a party. Are you a new mom who is planning to step up your style a notch for a birthday party? Consider the newly updated haircut, especially that suits every new mom!Here, the hair and makeup artist in Albuquerque have showcasing popular party hairstyles for new moms.From pretty ponies to beautiful braids, these easy hair do’s will get you up and take on the day.You’re sure to find one that will add the perfect flare to your ensemble at your next fiesta.

Brigitte Bardot Big with a Bow

The popular french beauty from the 1960s was well known for her voluminous styles that were topped off with feminine touches like a beautiful bow.

Pinned Back Retro Glam

Take your shiny, perfect retro waves up another notch by adding an antique hair clip to one side to pull hair away from your face and draw attention to your killer cheekbones.

Sexy Mohawk

Turn your style upside down to create a provocative mohawk for the event.If you have short hair or a pixie cut, you can morph your simple daytime chic style into a dramatic party-ready look by giving it a little lift.

Greek Inspired

It’s simple to do and pairs well with anything from an elegant gown to a flirty cocktail dress. To give your look a Grecian twist, try this look that may have other guests exclaiming, “this is Sparta” when they see you.

Low Messy Ponytail

Pair this effortless look with a dramatic eye or lip to add a little polish to your style at the best hair salon in Albuquerque New Mexico.When you’re styling your hair on the go for an event, acenter-parted ponytail secured at the nape of your neck with a few pieces left out to frame your face is an attractive option.

Center-Parted Shiny Waves

Sometimes, a natural look is just the ticket when you’re heading to an event. This simple half-up style is perfect for an outdoor wedding reception, a party on the beach, or a night out with the girls for a birthday celebration.

Windswept French Twist

A simple french twist can be polished and versatile. To loosen it up a bit for a more casual affair, try giving it a windswept look by keeping your layers loose and textured when you pin it back.

Slicked Back High-Fashion

In the world of high-fashion, pushing your hair back off your face to reveal gorgeous cheekbones, a shapely nose, smoldering eyes, and a bold lip is a key to a greatlook. You can recreate this provocative look for your party with a smooth blowout and a few bobby pins.

Final Wrap

Take your tresses and party style to new heights with any of these hairstyles done by famous hair stylists in Albuquerque.

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