New Era School- Top 10 CBSC Schools in Ghaziabad

No matter what others say about it, the top 10 CBSE Schools in Ghaziabad do not only take part in inter-school activities to win the trophies but also to establish themselves as the best schools that make performers out of their students and showcase their academic brilliance. The true purpose of engaging in inter-school events is to allow students to test themselves. Only through positive competition can the best come out and good schools understand the benefits that inter-school activities bring.
Competition Leads to Better Collaboration
Along with the individual event, schools also host inter-school activities in which students participate in a group. And when a team of students works for a common goal, the collaboration among them reaches a new height every time. Everyone in the team will bring unique skills and they will share their ideas, learn from each other, respect each other’s contribution, and function as a group. All these create a sense of belongingness and bonding.
Improves Soft Skill
In a group where the students are acting together to win the inter-school event, every member’s soft skills are getting honed with involvement where one student will emerge as the leader of the group. Also, exciting ideas get to communicate and express so that everyone understands. This way student’s oration skills will improve a lot.
Success Lies in Failure
And that is what the best CBSE School in Ghaziabad tries to accomplish through inter-school events. Competitions are not about winning or losing. The study has shown that students who fail often show a greater success rate in their future. Good schools advice their students in such a way where failure is not seen through a negative perspective. It is a learning experience for a better future.
Positive Rivalry is Needed for True Development
It is human nature to compare oneself with others and by comparison, only we strive to become a better person than what we already are. Through inter-school activities, the scope of competition broadens. Students get the opportunity to compare themselves not only with the students of the same school but with other schools as well. This brings them into the environment of better talent where they can learn from senior students and consider them their rivals or mentors and work harder.
Provides Encouragement
Initially, participation may be about winning the competition but with time, it becomes a fun activity. Inter-school activities work as the first step of the urge to bring the students to the court but from then onwards, it becomes all about the underlying interest and passion. Students voluntarily participate and keep learning along the way.
Competition Improves Engagement
Overall, inter-school activities are all about the fun of participating. Even if a school does not win, they are bound to enjoy every bit of it. And consistent participation naturally makes education fun-filled where students find new energy to engage more. Inter-school activities are ways in which schools can efficiently break any lingering monotony. They bring students back to school.
So, when you look for the best school in Ghaziabad, be sure to go for schools that not only boast of a wardrobe full of trophies but participate in inter-school activities as well.

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