New Era- Best Play School in Pandav Nagar

Early childhood education is very important in giving a solid foundation to children’s academic career. Therefore, parents want to send their children to a playschool that provides high-quality education. To search the school, parents often get confused because of the plenty of options. Though preschool allows your little ones to learn life’s basic skills, many parents don’t know the importance preschool in child’s overall development.

New Era School, one of the best play schools in Pandav Nagar gives you some insights into the importance of sending your children to preschools.

Social and Emotional Development

In preschools, children learn to strengthen their emotional and social development along with how they should compromise, be respectful, and tackle the problems. Pre-primary school in Ghaziabad gives perfect ambience for children to explore, attain a sense of play, develop a bond with others and achieve self-confidence.  

School Eagerness

Behavior management is an important part of preschool learning. In playschool, kids learn how to be kids. Children can take part in classroom activities and learn how to raise hands, ask questions and take turns.

They also learn the need for routine. Playschools help children in getting their answers through experimentation, exploration, and conversation. 

Language and Cognitive Skills

Children’s language skills are built in a “language-rich” environment. In a classroom environment, teachers help children in developing their language skills by introducing new vocabulary during play, story-telling, art, snack time, and other activities. Teachers indulge students in a thought-provoking discussion to allow them to take a hold on the language through talking, discussing books, and creative play.


In play school in Pandav Nagar, pre-math and pre-literacy skills are given to the kids. Children are taught numbers and alphabets engagingly and appealingly. Children sing an alphabet song in a chorus while following along in a picture book. They learn poems and chants, which support them to recognize the distinct voices within words.

Teachers read stories to strengthen children’s listening, comprehension, and passionate language skills. Matching games, arranging games, and counting games make children’s perception of numbers, and sequences. Putting puzzles together encourages kids to detect patterns and to act on problem-solving skills.

Children understand best through activities. A playschool is not about gaining academic success; it is about building a well-developed child who wants to delve into and investigate their surroundings. In day-care, kids will pick up the assurance of themselves as competent and independent learners.


In the best school in Kavi Nagar Ghaziabad, kids learn to do things for themselves. Children learn to wash their hands, go to the restroom and wear their shoes without anybody’s help. Picking up these skills helps builds confidence.

Hence, we can say a quality early childhood education equips children with intellectual, behavioral, and social skills. Teachers find it easy to teach a child with a strong day school education background. New Era School, ranked among the top five schools in Ghaziabad, can help your children in building a solid foundation for a bright future. 

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