Never Ignore These Door Lock Problems


Many homeowners pay little attention to door locks until something goes wrong with it. If you want to avoid lock problems that are costly to fix and ruin your day, proper maintenance is the key no pun intended. The way in which you treat your door lock problems will determine how these issues impact your security. Certain lock problems should never be ignored because ignored lock issues can lead to costly repairs and here are a few:-

Loose door locks and knobs

Door locks have a lot of moving parts, and each of them plays an integral role in ensuring the lock works properly. If one of these components fails, the lock will not work as it should. Most of the door lock parts tend to loosen up over time and after extended periods of use. This is especially true for locks on exterior doors.

About 53% of home break-ins account for forcible entry, and if your door locks are loose, it becomes easier for the burglars to bump the locks and gain access to your home. It is very easy to identify door lock issues. You can notice it while you open and close the door.

Broken key in a lock

A broken key in the lock is one of the most devastating door lock problems which should never be ignored. You may be tempted to extract the key by yourself, but it will lead to more costly repairs as the broken key in a lock affects other facets of your lock. If a key is broken in the lock there is a high chance your lock has been damaged. So, contact a locksmith St Peters MO to extract the broken key from the lock and for a key replacement St Peters MO.

Jammed locks

If your door lock is jammed, do not ignore it because it can jeopardize your security and cause further damages to the door hardware. A lock jam can happen for several reasons, and one of the most common reasons is buildup of debris that clogs the internal mechanism. Moreover, if the lock bolt is broken, the door lock will be jammed.

Turning lock cylinder

When you put the key into your door lock cylinder and turn it, you should be able to lock and unlock your door. However, if you insert the key and the entire lock cylinder turns, it is a telltale sign that indicates an underlying issue with the door lock. Although it is easy to identify, it is difficult to fix. So, call in a professional locksmith St Peters MO.

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