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Although the M1911 may be more familiar to many shooters, the Star Model BM, sometimes referred to as the Star BM, remains a popular variant. The Star Model BM possesses a number of traits that made the M1911 so popular, with a few more that make the Star BM a niche favorite.


Shooters of all different backgrounds will love the rugged construction of most M1911s, especially when the model in question has an all-steel frame, as they often do. The steel frame of many M1911s is a thing not only of beauty but of function. There’s just little out there that can hold a candle to how tough, and reliable, the 1911’s steel frame is.

It’s tough, dependable, and with care will last basically forever. There are original Model 1911 pistols made with steel frames that are still in operable condition. In fact, with the proper level of care, a 1911 with a steel frame will remain in firing condition long after smaller parts fail and the grips rot away.

Shooters also love its narrow, concealable dimensions. Some models are a bit long from grip to muzzle, but most models of 1911 are very slim and easy to conceal; this also makes them practical for a number of different styles of carry.

At the same time, the 1911 offers an enhanced performance through its trigger, which is interesting considering that the platform is well over 100 years old. Dual stage and other precision triggers may have taken the market by storm, but the 1911 still offers that simple, single piece steel-trigger in many models that offers basically no creep, breaks cleanly, and more importantly, travels in only one direction – straight backward.

The Star BM has some of these features and was modeled after the 1911, but it offers some features in addition that many shooters would consider a decided advancement over the 1911. Perhaps the most important design alteration of the Star BM 9mm is the fact that it lacks the grip safety of most 1911s. At the same time, the thumb safety blogs the hammer of the pistol and can easily be disengaged. One more thing to note is that fact that the Star BM does not have the same trigger as the 1911 – for any shooter that does not appreciate the single linear directional travel of the 1911, it will be a boon that the Star BM trigger pivots around a pin – like most other triggers.

As you can see, the Star BM is like the 1911 but not the same, and therefore parts are not interchangeable. This can complicate matters when you are looking for parts and accessories such as a Star BM magazine. If that is your aim, whether you need a Star BM magazine or something even more exclusive for a Star Model BM, check Sarco Inc. first.

Sarco Inc. has one of the internet’s largest collections of parts and kits for historically valuable and otherwise immensely popular firearms, including but not limited to the Star Model BM. Whatever you’re looking for, check out their website,, and be sure to give them a call if you need some help – they can be reached at 610-250-3960 and would be glad to help you out.


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