Most Overlooked SEO Fundamentals That You Need To Get It Right

SEO is not very technical and anyone can do it. But, are you implementing the right SEO techniques? Search engine optimisation involves many techniques that must work together to deliver the right results. In fact, SEO has now become complicated due to Google’s mechanism of ranking algorithms.

We rely on some of the best practices that we have learned through trial and error over the years. While some SEO Sydney practices are more obvious than others, marketers tend to skip the basics and start to focus on ongoing strategies. Due to this, some basics which are the backbone of the SEO are often overlooked.

If you want to become successful in SEO, you need to get the basics right. Here are some of the most common ignored SEO techniques:-

Keyword Research

You will need a good keyword strategy as it is going to dictate your campaign. Keyword research and prioritisation is crucial, but many don’t put a lot of effort in researching. Keywords can make or break your SEO strategy. Keywords are still relevant and you must have a solid keyword strategy to guide your campaign and achieve the desired results. In fact, it’s the keywords that help define your niche and choose the relevant topic for your content marketing as well as measure the results.

User Intent

User intent behind the keywords you have chosen is something often neglected by marketers. In fact, it is one of the significant factors for the success of any SEO campaign. If you had not done the keyword research, and adjusted based on audience search behaviour, you are likely missing the less competitive keywords that are worth targeting. The deeper you research, the better opportunities you can uncover.

Analytics and Reporting

What is the use of investing in SEO Sydney if you do not review your results? If you can’t get the reports of what exactly your campaign has achieved, how will you make adjustments in your SEO strategy that is required to yield the result? This is why it is essential to use analytics reporting to measure your results.

Site Navigation

It is essential to structure your site in such a way that is SEO-friendly. Search engines used to crawl to discover your site. If your website structure is out-of-whack, or internal link is off, it will be difficult for search engines to crawl your site. 404 errors on your site can hurt crawling and indexing, as well. So, ensure your website is SEO-friendly.


While site navigation and indexing are related, they are not mutually exclusive. Things like no index can negatively impact indexing.

Technical SEO

Schema markup, Canonicalisation, site speed, coding, and script are all major elements of technical SEO. When you don’t work on technical SEO, your entire website will suffer.

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