Most Common Causes of Blocked Drains

Clogged drains can start as minor problems, but can escalate into major issues quickly. Slow water runoff, corrosion, flooding and in serious situations, sewage backups and expensive repairs may be caused by a blocked drains in Wollongong. Preventing them begins with understanding how the causes of clogged drains are established. Here are the 8 most popular causes of clogged drains in households and how you can avoid them and repair them.


As it may bind with other sticky substances to form clogs, hair is a major culprit for blocked drains in Sydney. Preventing them from occurring in the first place is the best way to deal with hair blockages. Ensure all drains have guards to catch hair and clear these regularly.


You can wonder how a blockage in your pipes can trigger soap. But typical bars of soap are actually made with fat or grease. The fat in the soap combines with the water minerals that stain clogs pipes and bath fittings. Switch to soap-free washing and then clean the pressure of your pipes to remove traces of soap accumulation.


You may believe that your drain and pipes are there to wash away anything. But it will build up and create problems in your drains as long as you try to wash excess dirt off you and your clothing. Before washing them inside, rinse or shake the excess mud off your clothes and body outside.

Food Waste

And when you have garbage disposal in your sink, food waste can never go down the drain. Set up a composting pile instead to get rid of food waste. This is especially relevant for waste that does not break down, such as tea leaves and coffee grounds. Other foods to be careful of include grease or oil as they solidify and create a blockage in the pipes. Instead, collect oil on a paper towel and dump it in the compost.

Mineral Accumulation

Dissolved minerals in hard water cause insoluble masses that will block your drains easily. If hard water is an issue in your town, installing a water softener for your home is one solution. You would need to periodically descale and remove sediment and build up if that’s not an option. When developed, mineral accumulation clogs can be hard to remove, so call your skilled plumber if your drains and pipes no longer seem to flow.

Small Artifacts

Small items will find their way into your supply of plumbing and wreak havoc. Your toilet, drain, or sink should go down with nothing but toilet paper, water and human waste. In garbage, compost, or recycle, any other item should be disposed of responsibly. If any foreign substance has penetrated and is causing problems in your plumbing supply, you will possibly need professional assistance to remove it and ensure that your plumbing returns to normal.

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