Most Common Air Conditioning Myths Debunked

A lot of remedies and tricks related to air conditioner are available on the internet. Although there are as much as information about HVAC system shared by the professionals, there continues to be a lot of misinformation out there. People often fall for those misconceptions in order to save a few dollars. But, the truth is, homeowners end up spending a lot of money on the repair and energy bills. Be it aircon installation in Sydney or air conditioning maintenance in Sydney, only a professional HVAC technician is qualified for the job. DIY AC installation and maintenance can lead to expensive repairs and replacements.

Here are the most common myths about air conditioner that you must stop believing:-

Myth: Air conditioner service is not necessary

Like our car, your air conditioner should be serviced regularly to ensure its longevity. If you want to make the most of your cooling unit, then regular service is essential. Regular cleaning and service can help keep the cooling unit running smoothly and efficiently. Besides, scheduling air conditioner service provides an opportunity to identify the problems within the system earlier and fix it before it turns worse.

Myth: The bigger, the better

This is one of the most common myths of air conditioners. People believe the bigger, the better. But, in reality, oversized units can increase your energy bills and can create ruptures of cold air, which makes you turn off the air conditioner even before the desired temperature is attained in a room. The abnormal cycling can damage the unit as it will be prone to excessive wear and tear.

Always choose the right air conditioner that suits your room and ensure it is properly installed. In order to save the air conditioning installation Sydney cost, many homeowners choose to install the system on their own. If the unit is not properly sized and poorly installed, it can lead to major repairs.

Myth: The air conditioner won’t work properly if the ceiling fans are turned on

No! One of the best ways to save money on cooling your house is to use the ceiling fans when you are in the room. Fans help to circulate the cold air inside the room and cool faster. Keep the thermostat at the right temperature and close the doors and windows.

Myth: Turn off your AC when you leave home

It is actually a common misconception that turning off the cooling unit every time you leave home can reduce energy costs. Turning off the AC when you leave and letting the temperature rise in your home is really a bad idea because the unit has to work harder when you switch it on again.

If you have trusted one or more of these myths, call a professional to deal with the damages caused.

The author is a professional HVAC technician. Along with a team of professionals, he provides air conditioning service and aircon installation in Sydney. Visit for more details.

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