Mobile-Friendly Web Designs Are Good For Business

Web design is a process of gathering ideas so that you can conceptualize, organize, and execute them esthetically. The resulting design controls everything about your website, including the styles, colors, fonts, structures, graphics, and images, all of which come together to convey your company’s brand and products.

A good web design needs to make a positive first impression fast. Research shows that visitors will only give a website a few seconds to convince them to stay, so choosing the best web designers in Toronto to build your eCommerce web store will help you attract and keep potential customers online.

It’s also important to use a mobile-friendly design given that more than half of modern retailers’ web traffic comes from mobile devices. Many specialist web design companies in Toronto recommend using a website that adjusts to large and small screens, adapting to the users’ devices and needs.

Here are some of the reasons why responsive, mobile-friendly designs provide better exposure for more affordable prices.

Why Build a Mobile-Friendly Website?

Low cost

It takes less time to build a mobile-ready, responsive web design in Etobicoke than it does to create multiple, stand-alone websites or design applications for different screen sizes. If time is money, then designing separate websites for mobile screens and larger screens is a tremendous waste. A mobile-friendly design that adjusts to larger screen sizes is simply the more affordable and efficient solution.

Lower Maintenance

Multiple websites require extra support and testing to ensure they work properly on different devices and browsers. In comparison, a mobile-friendly website guarantees the ideal layout on any screen. It also frees up your designer to spend less time building and testing the website, giving them more time for critical elements like content development and influencing user behavior.

Faster Web Pages

Smartphone users have limited attention spans. Research shows that mobile visitors often leave websites that take longer than three seconds to load. But mobile-friendly and responsive websites can be designed using modern techniques, such as photo caching, to increase loading speeds.

Lower Bounce Rates

Making your website sensitive to the needs of mobile users will help you attract and retain your site’s visitors. Optimizing your website for smaller screens will also provide potential customers with an improved user experience and make it easier for them to browse your webpages.

Conversely, if your website is not sensitive to mobile users, it will be harder to keep them interested and may cause them to leave. Customers who leave without completing an action on your website are what is commonly referred to as your bounce rate, so optimizing your website for mobile screens is critical for keeping your bounce rate low.

Elevated Conversion Rates

Unfortunately, just keeping your bounce rate low isn’t enough to generate sales. You also need to raise your conversion rates (the number of site visitors that complete an action, such as signing up for your newsletter or buying a product) to increase your revenue.

Creating a consistent user experience across all platforms is one of the many secrets to turning new clients into customers. If your website only works on a single platform or screen size, then you risk dissatisfying the consumer with an unprofessional website that may send them to your competitors.

Overall, a responsive, mobile-friendly website makes better business sense for anyone who wants to increase their online sales opportunities. If you have any questions about mobile-friendly web designers in Toronto, contact us at Moweso Inc. to learn more.

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