Mobile-first Web Design for Better User Experience

A few years back, Google rolled out their “mobile-friendly” algorithm update, which meant mobile-friendly and responsive websites would get prioritized in rankings for better user experience (UX). And, in 2016, mobile internet usage surpassed computer usage for the first time. Since then, the trend is only on the increasing phase. Today, more than half of the website traffic comes from smartphones. So, making your website mobile-friendly is the smartest move to get rewarded with more traffic, referrals, and repeat visitors.

What’s a Mobile-first Web Design?

Mobile-first website design in Etobicoke is designing and prototyping websites for mobile devices first to ensure better user experience and then upgrading them to desktop and laptop versions. It also makes sure that the user experience is seamless on any device.

According to recent research data, there would be more than 3.5 billion mobile users in 2020. It also reveals that the majority of people use their mobile phones to find the content they need. So, choosing a mobile-first ecommerce website design in Etobicoke ON is a wise option if you want to reach the right target audience. Here are a few tips on mobile-first website design.

Content is Key

Content is key when it comes to mobile-first website design in Etobicoke. You must focus on delivering the content your users are looking for and getting rid of anything else that clutters or affects better user experience. When designing for mobile devices, screen size is a big constraint, and you must order content in a visual hierarchy based on user requirements.

Easy-to-use Navigation

Unlike desktops and laptops, mobile devices have small screen spaces making navigation difficult. You can minimize this issue by adding easy to use, touch-friendly navigation, adding top-priority content, and using only concise options.

Recent statistical reports reveal that 87% of your shoppers start by searching for products on their phones, and 67% of them will leave if unable to navigate after 3–5 seconds. So, don’t crowd mobile view and keep navigation minimal to avoid any distractions.

Simplify Search Features

“Mobile sites employing search effectively have shown a 2.6x increase in their converted customers.”

Design a visible and quickly recognizable search box and place it over the top where your visitors can see it. In order to offer more accurate details, include product attributes such as colour, specifications, and size.

The Bottom Line

Good mobile website design is simple. By creating a mobile-first design, you can establish a strong user experience that transcends any and all devices. Get in touch with your website design company in Etobicoke to enhance your website’s user experience and increase your web traffic.

The author of this article is a leading web designer with over a decade of experience in the industry. In this article, he explains the importance of creating a mobile-first website design in Etobicoke. Visit for more information.

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