Mistakes to Avoid When Organising Catering For Your Event

So you are planning for a big day and have covered most of the things on your list. When it comes to planning and organising a party, you want everything to be perfect. But, there is so much to do, think about, and several details to cover. In the excitement and workload, it’s easy to forget something. However, there is one aspect of organising a party that you must work on it. Yes, catering!

You have fixed the venue, decided the theme of the party/event, and have the guest list. That’s great. But, have you sorted out catering service? Fixed the menu? Probably not! It doesn’t matter what type of party you are throwing, there’s always a high standard for food. One small mistake can ruin the party mood.

To avoid pitfalls, you need to avoid these mistakes:-

Lack of defined budget

This is one of the most common mistakes that every event manager makes. Never waste your time in search of party or corporate catering Sydney service if you haven’t defined your budget. Fixing the budget is not a big deal, but surprisingly a lot of event planners forget it. Even if you are confident that you won’t go overboard, you still need to come up with the exact figures. Besides, it’s the only professional caterers could be able to fix the price and accommodate your needs accordingly.

Remember, a large portion of the event budget accounts for food. If you decide on the food and beverage without a budget, the chances are high that you’ll be ripped off. Only with the budget, the caterers could offer you assortments of food choices. So, fix a budget and, more importantly, stick to it.

Overdoing the food choices

Of course, variety is the spice of life. But, in certain circumstances, too much of varieties could become the gravest enemy. You want to give your guest the best when it comes to food. That said, there is nothing worse than having too many options. Sometimes, the less is more. The attendees should feel as they have a wide-range of choices. But, they shouldn’t be overwhelmed with thirty or more options and combinations. Keep things simple and delicious but don’t go crazy.

Failing to offer enough food

No matter how glorious the event is, it will end up in a total disaster if your guests are not fed. Of course, you’ll have a guest list. But, it doesn’t works that way. You must be ready for at least additional 20 guests. No guest wants to attend a party where there isn’t enough food for them all. There is no room for sharing, especially at a party or event. Always expect the unexpected.

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