Messages Associated With Different Colors Of Roses and Carnations


Often people express their feelings and love to their loved ones using flowers. Whether it’s birthday, anniversary, or Valentine’s Day, a gorgeous floral arrangement from Providence flower shops will always impress. You can always choose a floral design based on how pleasing to the eye it is, or for fun, you could choose a particular color of rose or carnation to express your special message. Here are some traditional meanings associated with certain colors.


People use carnations to express their love to someone special. They make a meaningful and attractive combination when mixed with other flowers and colors. You can get a bouquet of flowers from Providence florist to express your love to someone special.

Purple: Purple carnations can be a sign of love at first sight or else, they demonstrate your commitment to your loved one.

Yellow: Yellow carnations are often given to invoke friendship, joy, and happiness.

Peach: Peach carnations can show your devotion and desire for the woman of your dreams.

White: White carnations are often chosen in context with purity and spirituality. If your love is pure, strong and secure then these flowers are a good choice. Their cinnamon scent is wonderful.

Pink: Pink carnations denote a show of confidence and thankfulness. These flowers are more gentle and low-key to the obvious red.

Red: Red carnations are given for love. They also speak of passion and courage.


Roses are considered as the perfect choice to express your romantic feelings. But a rose isn’t a rose unless you know the meaning of each color. You can order a Providence flower delivery to surprise your loved ones.

Pink: Pink roses are the sign of happiness. You can give it to anyone who makes you happy.

Yellow: Yellow roses are associated with jealousy and friendship.

Red & White: Given together, these two colors demonstrate unity and togetherness. They are the perfect combination if you like to show interest in long-term relationships.

White: White roses declare your eternal love. They also convey the message that she is worthy, showing her your respect as an equal. If your love is pure, then white roses are a great gift for the woman of your dreams.

Red: Red roses are the universal language of love. They say “I love you” if given to your lady. They also speak of desire and passion

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