Marble Slabs is the Big In 2021 Interior Design World; Three Areas Where Marbles Used

Marble slabs in Sydney; there are three areas where bold and unusual marble styles are being used to make a fresh impact in the interior design world. But, rich marble is just as well suited to many other kinds of interior spaces. With riches color available to us, it is no wonder that designers and homeowners are starting to explore the more “unusual” end of the marble design spectrum. The wonders of geology have gifted us with an extraordinary range of marble options. Some of them are pale, grey, dark, and golden.

Three Areas Where Marble Popularly Used

Small spaces

With your furnishing options limited, floor and wall tiles offer a much-needed option for whipping up a “wow-factor”. Compact spaces such as cloakrooms, alcoves and hallways are ideal for unusual marble.

Bathrooms and Wetrooms

Bathrooms are the ultimate sanctuary space in the home, calling for warmth and luxury tiles – two qualities that the rich marble offers in spades. In addition to the bathrooms, wetrooms and shower rooms have long been considered a natural home for marble tiles.

Feature Walls and Wall Panels

Marble effect styles and patterns will help your feature walls and panels stand out in a way that other title just can’t. So, do you need to perk up a bland kitchen space? Or are you planning to make a bold statement in a shower area? Consider hiring the right marble supplier in Sydney!

Bonus Ideas to Use Marble

Marble has its uses in different parts of a home and can instantly upgrade an interior design plan.

They are,

Marble Design 1: As A Kitchen Backsplash

A marble backsplash adds a touch of class to your kitchen and creates an illusion of a bigger space.

Marble Design 2: As A Shelf

Pair with light-toned interiors to elevate the look with marble slabs in Sydney. Marble for the study table and wall panel.

Marble Design 3: As Flooring

Marble provides an instant facelift to any space. Installing marble flooring means diving into the deep end of the trend.

Marble Design 4: As An Accent Piece

Marble accent pieces are a pocket-friendly way to introduce marble into your home without having to renovate or make significant changes to existing decor. It makes an excellent focal point in a room.

Marble Design 5: As A Sink Or A Bathtub

To incorporate marble as an accent instead of a surface, sinks and bathtubs made of the stone make a great choice. A sink carved our of marble gives a brighter and cleaner look.

Marble Design 6: As A Table Top

You can glam up your dining space, bedroom or living room with a marble slab.

Rich marble patterns are already being tipped as a major interior design trend for 2021. Contact the leading marble slabs supplier in Sydney, and make a smart choice of purchasing quality products.

Disclaimer: Please note this is not to be relied upon as advice or any form of legal representation in relations to the properties or performance of the above-listed product(s). This is solely for promotional purposes, please consult your stone specialist prior to selecting or purchasing any of the above-listed product(s).

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