Make Holiday Season Cooking Easier with Better Greenville Pantry Design

If you’re like many people, you look forward to the Holiday Season because it means a lot of extra time spent with loved ones. This time is often spent eating and drinking delicious goodies. While this is truly a magical time of the year, it also makes you face the fact that your kitchen isn’t set up as well as it could be. Too much time is spent digging through spices and ingredients. Where are your gingerbread men cookie cutters? Don’t you have special crystal glassware somewhere? This year, make it the last time you deal with all of this additional stress. Instead, focus on better organization with pantry storage in Greenville:


#1 Create a Baking Cart. Holidays mean baking, and baking means lugging the stand mixer, the cookie cutters, sugar, frosting, flour, and the jars of glittery sprinkles out of the cabinets for every batch. Instead of doing this, put your supplies in one place, like on a rolling baking cart. Store this cart in your pantry or in a corner that keeps it out of the way. Simply roll it out when you’re ready to bake. Best of all, you can use it year round, not just at the holidays. After all, who stops loving homemade cookies when Christmas is over?


#2 Use clear bins. In order for your new pantry storage to stay effective, you must be able to easily put in what you’re finished with and pull out what’s next on the calendar. Pack your Christmas gear into clear storage bins that are clearly marked with what’s inside. This may take a bit of time to set up this year as it’s the first year, but the time it will save you in years to come more than makes up for it.


#3 Create a section just for holiday items. Put all holiday items, like crystal glasses and Christmas salt and pepper shakers, into one designated storage space. Do this not just for Christmas but for all seasons. This will put all your holiday gear into one spot and reduce the need to search for anything in multiple rooms, bins, spaces, and nooks. When Christmas is over, put your salt and pepper shakers back in and pull the Valentine’s Day heart cookie cutters out. It can be that easy with the right Greenville pantry design!


#4 Cover it with a curtain. If your pantry doesn’t have a door that closes, it can be frustrating to look at all the storage bins and items in there. It makes it impossible to feel like your room is really cleaned up. Science tells us that clutter makes us anxious. Your clear tubs will never be glamorous, but they can stay out of sight! Organization experts suggest hiding the storage space with a curtain. Choose a heavy curtain that won’t blow open easily.


With a few simple steps done this year, your next Christmas experience will be so much easier and more efficient. Plus, your kitchen will look better!

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